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FOTD – Holiday Glam – Rebel by Red Apple Lipstick

Bring out those red lips, ladies!  This is holiday season!

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100% Pure Lip Creme Stick and Lip Glaze Review

It is such a joy now that my skin care routine is all ironed out that I can start truly delving into the world of green makeup.  I really do like playing and experimenting with makeup, but your skin is truly the canvas and so taking care of it and finding the right balance of skin care products is an absolute necessity for me before I can start thinking about makeup.

Lip products are one of those things that I have always liked, but I was hesistant to use them prior to going green because having the ingredients on my lips meant that I could ingest them and probably did.  I had no idea how scary my products were until I started doing my research, but now that I know better I will never go back.  I can deal with the lesser staying power because I know that they are safer.  Considerably safer.IMG_4334

100% Pure is one of my favourite companies (have you noticed?) but I haven’t given their lip products much of a try so far.  Up for review this time are the Lip Creme Stick in Perfect Naked Berry and their Lip Glaze in Velveteen.   Continue reading 100% Pure Lip Creme Stick and Lip Glaze Review

Red Apple Lipstick – I understand the hype now

Since I started blogging about green beauty I have tried some products that just don`t live up to the hype that surrounds them.  Like at all.  And it`s very disappointing .

I have heard lots about Red Apple Lipstick over the past year and a bit, but I have been hesitant to try them because of all the extreme hype surrounding them as well as their price.  Although, truly, I shouldn`t balk at the price because I used to spend similar amounts if not more on MAC or Smashbox lipsticks…..

Moving right along: I won a gift certificate recently and took the plunge and went for their `buy 2 get 1 half off` promotion and oh my goodness gracious I was absolutely blown away by all three lipsticks that I received.  I can`t say this about too many products with this amount of hype surrounding them, but these little tubes of glory absolutely live up to the positive reviews they have been receiving!

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Vapour Organic Beauty Lipstick – Possess

This was my first purchase from Vapour Organic and it most certainly won’t be my last.  I have to say, I am impressed with the lipstick and can’t wait to try other shades and other products!

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Ilia Lipstick – In My Room Review

Lipsticks are the last thing in my makeup bag to go green, and I’ve been hesitant to replace the beautiful, rich hues I have from Smashbox, Benefit and the like.  My first jump into the world of natural and organic lipsticks was with Ilia and I have to say that I’m impressed so far!

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Wishlist Wednesday – Lipsticks

I’ve managed to get rid of all of the chemical laden makeup in my collection with the exception of my lipsticks.  Yes, I’m aware of all of the lead and other very dangerous chemicals in MAC, Benefit, Smashbox and the like, but some of those colours are just gorgeous and the diva in me can’t seem to let go.  I’ve picked a few of my favourite lipsticks and have tried to find replacements for them in the safer, natural brands.  Do you have any reccomendations for me?  Which lipsticks are your favourite?

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