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Rocky Mountain Soap Company Sunscreen SPF 30 Review

20140621-045228-17548982.jpg Vanilla Coconut has to be the best scent for a sunscreen that could ever possibly be conceived! Rocky Mountain Soap Company gets it right on the money without being sickly sweet or overly tropical.

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Natural Sunscreen Review – Newco Sunscreen SPF 15

My boyfriend has been using the Green Beaver face sunscreen for the past few weeks and although he likes it, he doesn’t love it.  And for ~$20 for 40mL of product, we both want him to love it.  

Our first try was Aubrey Naturals Face Sunscreen but the overwhelming zinc/rancid butter scent drove us away in seconds.  Literally.  We purchased the product, went out to the car and I tried it on the back of my hand and we walked right back into the store to return it.  It’s sad that my one health foods store with the best selection doesn’t have tester bottles.

Next stop was the Newco Sunscreen with SPF 15.  This Canadian company (go Canada!) makes this sunscreen in three scents: lavender, citrus, and melon.  We chose the lavender because there was a tester for this one scent, it wasn’t overwhelming or feminine, and lavender has great healing and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin.

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Natural Sunscreen Review

It amazes me how many drugstore sunscreens have the ingredient retinyl palmitate.  The reason why it surprises me is because, although this ingredient is an excellent skin conditioner, it makes you increasingly susceptible to the skin cancer and wrinkle causing UVA rays.  That’s right: your sunscreen might be making you more susceptable to skin cancer.  Eeep.

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