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Eminence Organics Carrot Vitamin Mask Review


Eminence Organics is one of my favourite luxury green beauty companies.  All of their products smell so fresh, and are filled with pure, raw, natural and organic ingredients that do wonderful things for your skin.  The company has great sustainability practices, too! Continue reading Eminence Organics Carrot Vitamin Mask Review

May Lindstrom The Honey Mud Review

Sorry again for the lack of posts. Like I mentioned before, things have been incredibly busy lately and I just haven’t been able to make the time to sit down and write. I really hope to get back into my regular schedule soon, but until then I thank you for your patience and understanding.

May Lindstroms products come at a steep price point, but so far the two products I have tried are absolutely worth every penny spent! The Honey Mud is an amazing product that I fell for on the first use, but wanted to give it a few more tries before signing off on it.


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First Empties Post

I haven’t had a post like this before because I haven’t run out of so many products at one time.  I like reading about what other bloggers have used up, their final impressions and if they would repurchase again, so I thought I’d try it out and see how things go.

Here’s what I’ve used up:

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December Favourites

Sorry that this is a little late.  Between work and the holidays time got away from me.  Here’s what I kept reaching for in December:

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Eminence Organics Sour Cherry Mask Review

I’m starting to develop a crush on Eminence Organics products.  They just have such a great sustainable and environmentally friendly business plan and make such wonderful products!  For every product purchased Eminence Organics will plant a tree, and for the production of their products they use wind and solar power exclusively.  I can’t help but like them!

Up for review this time is their Sour Cherry Mask.

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100% Pure Purifying Seaweed Mask Review

I’m almost finished with my mask trial!  Just a few more to go after this one.  I’m narrowing down my likes and dislikes and will post a review of them all when I’m done trying them out, but for now I give you the Purifying Seaweed Mask from one of my favourite skin care companies 100%Pure.

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Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment

I stumbled upon an absolute delight today!  There’s a small pharmacy in a strip mall close to where I live that I pass almost every day on the way home and I decided to go in today and have a look.  I was super surprised that it wasn’t a traditional pharmacy at all and found all kinds of natural and organic personal care products and brands that no other store in my city carries.  I even found a few things I was planning to buy online because they didn’t have a retailer listed in my city.  I was so excited, I can’t even say!  (The entire John Masters Organics hair care line was in there too.  I’m super excited about that!)

I saw an ad for Eminence Organic Skin Care in one of the natural health magazines I subscribe to and wanted to try out some of their skin care line.  As luck would have it this gem of a store carries their entire line!

Of the 20 different masks that this store carried I narrowed it down to this one: the Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment.  If you saw my wish-list post you’ll know that I am looking into a detoxifying mask, goodness knows my skin would benefit from it.

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