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100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ballerina Cream Blush Review

Now that I have tried cream blushes I rarely use the powdered form. My skin appreciates the extra hydration, and I find that they are just so much more natural looking when blended well. That being said, the Pot Rouge Blush from 100% Pure in Ballerina is far from a natural looking blush but not because of the pigment.

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Chagrin Valley Natural Healing Salve Review

I received a natural “polysporin” in one of my EcoEmi boxes a while back, but the shop on Etsy was sold out when I was looking to replace it.  Naturally, I went back to my tried and true brand of Chagrin Valley and found that they do indeed have a healing salve.  

Even though we are moving into spring my cuticles still crack, and this has been a lifesaver in preventing the minor infection that is almost guaranteed to happen in my line of work. Minor cuts and scrapes that both myself and my boyfriend had responded surprisingly well to this balm. It’s too bad I can’t truly compare healing times for you on a cut that is treated verses one that is not. If I get any comparable injuries in the near future I will be sure to do so. But until then, take my word for it, the anti-microbial properties of the essential oils in this salve do make a difference.

The number of minor infections in my dry and cracked cuticles is non-existent. When you compare that to the number of raised, red, obviously infected skin cracks on my cuticles that I received prior to using this ointment, I would be silly to not consider repurchasing this product when I run out. Also, I received several small cuts on my arm from a rogue fence while hiking the other day and they became red and inflamed almost immediately. I applied this salve as soon as I got home and everything was completely healed over in about 5 days. The little 2 ounce pot will last a very long time, though, so I expect I won’t have to worry about this now until at least the fall or winter.

$11 per 2 ounce tin at changrinvalleysoapandsalve.com

100% Pure Multistick in Peach Glow Review

100% Pure is a green beauty company that is unique in that all of it’s products are tinted using vegetable and fruit pigments rather than minerals to allow for as pure a product without potential contaminants as possible. Of course the downside to this is that the products have a bit shorter of a shelf life than mineral products, but that is a small price to pay for a high performing “pure” product! I really like my other multistick, but I couldn’t resist trying the lip and cheek tint by 100% Pure.
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Chagrin Valley Moisturizing Solid Lotion Bar in Serenity Grove Review

I have been loyal to the Rocky Mountain Soap Company body butters for years and years, but of course I leaped at the chance to try something different from another company.  I make regular purchases from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve so it was easy to tack this on to my last order.

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Chagrin Valley Argan Pumpkin Facial Oil Review

I have been a huge fan of Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve for over a year and they are the brand that I just keep coming back to.  Their product line is extensive and I keep going back to so many of their products that I think I will be ordering from them for a very, very long time.

Facial oils are growing rapidly in popularity, and I have tried a large variety of them, and even have a recipe of my own.  Chagrin Valley has a small collection of facial oils available, and generously provided a large sample size for me to try out.

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John Masters Organics Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum Review

John Masters Organics is one of my favourite companies to buy from.  They make such great products at such high standards as well as working to preserve natural resources  and advocate for the environment.

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March 2014 Favourites

March was a crazy busy month for me.  I just completed a lot of classroom training which meant I was sitting down at a table being lectured for 8 hours a day 5 days a week.  Ya, I know, cry me a river right?  I don’t know how your 9-to-5-ers do it.  I would like my 12 hour shift work back, please!

Most of the products I picked this month were to help combat the drying air and the resulting dull, dry skin that comes from a sedentary lifestyle.  I am so happy to have that done and over with and get back to moving again for the majority of my time at work!

But enough about me, let’s get on to the products I was constantly reaching for this month:

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