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Holiday Manicure

I did this manicure a while back thinking these colours would be perfect for a fall manicure….you be the judge, but I definitely feel this screams holidays and presents more than leaves and crisp autumn air.

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Fall Manicure – a neutral twist on the french manicure



I have been playing around with different combinations of nail polishes to find some fun looks.  This look is a subtle colourful take on the traditional french manicure.  Instead of the usual neutral pink, I’ve substituted Sheswai’s polish in Stone.  Sadly, they don’t sell this colour anymore, but What is the closest colour match in their current collection.  The colour I used as the tip highlighter is HIPP by RGB in 1, which is a standard pale beige colour.  Of course I want this look to last as long as possible so I use Spa Rituals 3 step manicure system.

Hope that you like this look!



SunCoat Water Based Nail Polish in Copper Review

Just in time for summer! This nail polish is a great bronze colour to compliment your summer glow and you won’t believe how little a nail polish can smell! It blew my mind!20140623-032348-12228068.jpg

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Spa Ritual True-bond 3 step Manicure System Review

Let’s face it: we diva’s don’t have time to redo our nails ever few days when our manicure chips. Especially when you have a job like mine that wreaks havoc on your hands – I’d be repainting my nails every day. Although the shellac/gel manicures are nice, they are pricy. Thankfully there’s a 5-free, vegan option that you can do at home with amazing results! Continue reading Spa Ritual True-bond 3 step Manicure System Review

RGB Nail Polish in Garnet Review

I really like the range of RGB colours and one particular colour really caught my eye, but I just couldn’t get over the name: Ox Blood. But then a little while ago EcoDivaBeauty.ca brought in a colour called Garnet which I liked just as much. It’s a really pretty, deep red shade with just the right amount of warmth and sparkle.


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