Spa Ritual True-bond 3 step Manicure System Review

Let’s face it: we diva’s don’t have time to redo our nails ever few days when our manicure chips. Especially when you have a job like mine that wreaks havoc on your hands – I’d be repainting my nails every day. Although the shellac/gel manicures are nice, they are pricy. Thankfully there’s a 5-free, vegan option that you can do at home with amazing results!

Spa Ritual’s three step manicure system works so well I couldn’t even believe it! The only downside is that it definitely will add time to your manicure because each step must dry completely before moving on. If you don’t allow them to dry, the effectiveness changes drastically (read: chipped on the second day).

Step one is a pH balancer for your nails. It really does work as a primer, making your nails a bit more porus, and thus able to grip on to the next step which is the base coat. Step one dries pretty much instantaneously, step two not so much. The first time I used this set I was watching a movie so I allowed this coat lots of time to dry before adding my colour. The second time I was in a bit of a rush and only kind of let it dry. It was dry to the touch, but still soft underneath – know what I mean? Then with both applications I put on my layers of nail polish without letting them fully dry, followed by the top coat and then I waited patiently.

Usually the first day I do my nails I am more conscious of my hands and try to protect the manicure. When I used the set properly the first time, I made a special effort to not worry about avoiding chips in my manicure. I went to work for the next four days, and was my usual clumsy self, not worrying about being careful with my hands. I kid you not, I did not get a single chip until day 5. Day 5! And that was only because my nails are still fragile and peeling a little as they recover from winter. I didn’t receive another chip until Day 9. I am sold on how awesome this system is. I will definitely be repurchasing in the future (potentially in the individual full size containers) and won’t bother painting my nails again without following this system. It may take a bit more time initially but saves a lot of time in the long run when you don’t have to keep fixing nails.

$20 at local natural beauty stores or at selected spas


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