RGB Nail Polish in Garnet Review

I really like the range of RGB colours and one particular colour really caught my eye, but I just couldn’t get over the name: Ox Blood. But then a little while ago EcoDivaBeauty.ca brought in a colour called Garnet which I liked just as much. It’s a really pretty, deep red shade with just the right amount of warmth and sparkle.


The formula is super thick, but applies very easily and gives a beautiful opaque colour in just two layers. I really have nothing bad to say about this colour except that it becomes dull within a day, so a top coat is a must! Also, it only lasted 2 days before chipping pretty significantly, which can often happen with the colour red. It is worth it for the gorgeous colour, though. Like all RGB polishes this polish is Cruelty Free and 5 Free which is about as ‘clean and green’ as nail polish can get right now.

$19 at ecodivabeauty.ca


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