Holiday Manicure

I did this manicure a while back thinking these colours would be perfect for a fall manicure….you be the judge, but I definitely feel this screams holidays and presents more than leaves and crisp autumn air.

IMG_4323 IMG_4325


The two colours I used are both 5-free and from RGB in Garnet and Rose Gold

This look may look finicky, but believe me it is super easy.  After applying Spa Ritual’s Protein Boost (review) as a base coat I painted two coats of Garnet and gave it plenty of time to dry.  Like an hour.  Don’t chince out on giving yourself enough time, otherwise the next step won’t work.

When the garnet was well and truly dry, I used two pieces of clear tape to create the stencil for where the gold coloured polish was going to go.  I pressed down the edges, and then applied a thick coat of the gold colour and peeled back the tape gently to reveal the crisp line.  It’s that simple.

Word to the wise: when applying your top coat to seal in the wonderfully simple art that you’ve created, put it on with as few brush strokes as possible.  It didn’t seem to matter how dry the red was, if I used too many brush strokes it would bleed into my gold colour.  If you just work minimally and quickly and you shouldn’t have any troubles at all!

I hope that you like this look!  If I can pull off this nail art, so can you!  Give it a whirl and then post your pictures on my Facebook page!  Do you have any other fun manicures for the holidays that you’ve done?  Put a picture up on the Facebook page too!



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