SunCoat Water Based Nail Polish in Copper Review

Just in time for summer! This nail polish is a great bronze colour to compliment your summer glow and you won’t believe how little a nail polish can smell! It blew my mind!20140623-032348-12228068.jpg

I have never tried water based nail polishes before. I didn’t even know that they existed, to be frank, until this gem arrived in an eco-emi box a little while back. The colour is absolutely perfect for summer, and even gives my ghostly white skin a bit of a bronze look. Can’t really go wrong there, no?

The formula is exactly like any other nail polish. What makes this one stand apart from the rest is it’s smell; well, actually it is the complete lack of smell that makes it unique. I have always associated nail polish with that tell tale scent, but this one doesn’t even have a hint of it. Incredible!

Without a top coat this polish lasted me about two days before peeling off. I wash my hands a lot at work, and so after a few days of being intermittently soaked in water this water based formula loosened up a bit. It peeled off quite easily and without any damage at all to my nail bed. So, a little sad that it only held up for a few days, but the silver lining is that having it remove itself every three days or so will allow me the chance to apply the protein nail strengthener by Spa Ritual often enough to keep my nails healthy and strong despite all the abuse I deal to them.

This bottle of copper polish has opened my eyes to the world of water based nail polish, and I can defintely see myself ordering some more. What better way to spend some time on a plane than to paint my nails without worry of disturbing anyone with the terrible smell!?

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