Tata Harper Review

I received a few samples of the Tata Harper skincare line from EcoDivaBeauty.ca with my latest order from them and I was excited to give them a try.  Tata Harper is a USA made brand where the majority of the ingredients come directly from Tata Harper’s farm.  Because they don’t outsource their production the brand’s products are very pricey, but I’d be willing to spend money on something that works and works well.  The three products I’m reviewing are The Regenerating Cleanser, The Hydrating Floral Essence and The Rebuilding Moisturizer.  

The samples were very generous and I got about 6 days out of all of the products.  So no, this isn’t an extensive review of the products but it definitely gave me an idea as to what these were about and if I would repurchase them in the full size.  

Regenerating Cleanser – I was really happy to find a fine exfoliant in the cleanser, but it must be some kind of ground apricot seed or nut or something because it definitely didn’t dissolve on my face and it was a royal pain to get off.  I didn’t find that it removed my makeup at all and despite the exfoliant being in the formula I found that my skin became quite dull towards the end of the sample.  The scent is nice and herb-like, but that is definitely not enough for me to purchase this product.  For something that sells for $75 per 4.1oz I expect way more.

Hydrating Floral Essence – As far as natural toners and hydrators go, this is definitely up there with the best of the best for ingredients.  I liked the scent and it felt very moisturizing on my skin.  I really do like this product but when I compare the $65 for 50mLs of the Essence to $10 for my 300mLs of Witch Hazel and Rose Water that feels just as nice I think that the choice is fairly easy to make.

Rebuilding Moisturizer – I really, really like the scent of this product.  It smells like fresh tea.  Even though it states that this is a toning moisturizer for oily skin the formula was a little too heavy for me for summer.  I can definitely see this working for someone with dry skin, and maybe I’ll revisit this product in during the harsh Canadian winter, but for now it’s just way too much.  I’ll definitely have to think about it a little bit, though, with a $100 price tag for 50mL.  I used to cringe inwardly when I dropped $80 for 50mL of my favourite spa brand moisturizer….

I don’t know if I will be purchasing any of the full sizes of these products.  I understand that natural skin care is tough to make and even tougher to keep your price point competitive when you don’t outsource, but this brand is very elitist and may be too much for me to consider.  However, that moisturizer might be worth it…


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