Weleda Body Oils Starter Kit Review

I received the Weleda Body Oil Starter Kit in my stocking for Christmas which I was super excited about because I wanted to try out other body oils besides the Wild Rose one but at $25 a bottle it is an expensive endeavour.  The sample sizes in this kit are an excellent size and gave me a really good feel for each oil.

Arnica Massage Oil – The scent of this oil is woodsy and spicy, making for a very sensual massage oil.  The arnica flower extract in the oil actually heats up as you work it into the skin and is very soothing to sore, tired, and stiff muscles.  I didn’t end up finding this one super hydrating and had to apply some other oil or cream to my skin afterwards.  That being said, it’s a massage oil, not a moisturizing oil so I don’t expect it to live up to those requirements.  It does give great slip for massages and lasts a decent time before I need to reapply.  I can see myself purchasing this in the full size.

Pomegranate Body Oil – Oh the lovely anti-oxidants of pomegranate!  This one is probably my favourite oil for every day use.  It smells very sweet and fruity, but isn’t overwhelming after it’s soaked in.  The only thing I don’t really like about this oil is how loose it is.  Like many body oils I’ve tried it is challenging to learn how to apply.  Maybe I’ll get there.  I’ll see where I’m at when I’ve used up the rest of this bottle before I decide if I will be repurchasing it or not.

Lavender Relaxing Body Oil – Like I said in my last post I am going to learn more about aromatherapy this year, and I have been researching the effects of lavender.  Pretty much everyone knows the soothing and calming benefits of lavender, so I have been trying to use this one at night before going to sleep and just applying it to my chest and neck.  I can’t say if it has affected my sleep or anything like that, but I know that I like this smell and now being able to associate this scent with bed time will only help strengthen my sleep routine.  I will definitely be purchasing this one in the full size.

Birch Cellulite Oil – I admit to having a little cellulite on my rear, but it hasn’t bothered me in the past.  I have been applying this oil every morning and night to my little patches of cellulite and haven’t really seen much of a difference.  But really, if you read into it, unless you get invasive procedures done, or have creams or oils loaded with ridiculous amounts of caffiene you can’t expect visible results.  It was fun to use, but I doubt that I’ll purchase it in the full size.

Wild Rose Body Oil – I have already purchased the full size of this product (review) but kind of regret that I did.  The scent just really turns my stomach.  It reminds me of old school perm chemicals.  So if I’m going to be struggling to figure out how to apply body oils without coating the floor I want to work with somehting that I actually enjoy the scent.  I feel that the benefits of this oil are comparable to the pomegranate oil, so if I choose to purchase one I will go for the one I actually like the scent of.  Needless to say I will not be repurchasing.

Sea Buckthorn Body Oil – The anti-oxidants and vitamin C in sea buckthorn berries is ultra concentrated making this “super food” one of the best.  I liked the Sea Buckthorn lotion by Weleda and I really like the oil also.  The only down side is that the scent is very sweet and moderately resembles fruit loops cereal.  As for the skin tone evening and brightening effects I can’t really say, but maybe if I had more time with it I could speak more to this.  I don’t see myself purchasing the full size of this oil based entirely on the scent.

Have you tried any of these oils?  Which ones are your favourite?


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