DIY Dry Shampoo & Why Yours Shouldn’t Contain Baking Soda

When I decided to put some fashion colours in my hair and have some pretty pink, purple, and teal ombre highlights I learned a lot more about hair products and hair pH than I ever could have bargained for.  I’ll write-up a more detailed post soon about the importance of pH balanced hair care, but the main summary point is that highly alkaline shampoo products (I’m looking at you, baking soda) can really strip your hair of hair colour and can even break down the protein in the hair itself!  So, if you have colour in your hair, especially fashion colours that are more prone to washing out to being with, if you stay away from products containing baking soda your colour will last much longer!  Not only will it allow you to go for longer between washes, you won’t have to worry about losing some of the colour because of your dry shampoo washing down the length of your hair.

So many of the dry shampoos available on both the green beauty and traditional beauty markets contain baking soda to help soak up excess oil.  So, naturally, I resigned myself to making my own.


Thankfully, the recipe is easy-peasy and takes less than five minutes to put together.  With the simple ratios, I can make as much or as little as I think I’ll need.

Cocoa Powder
Corn Starch
Perfume Oil or Essential Oil of your choice

I put 1 tbsp of cocoa powder and 1 tbsp of cornstarch in a bowl and mixed it until it was well combined. Then, I added two drops of my Maroma Night Jasmine perfume for a light, floral scent and voila! Beautifully scented, colour-safe dry shampoo!



I re-purposed an old mineral foundation pot and an old loose powder brush from a set that I got from Costco and went to work testing it out.




Start off by applying a moderate amount to your roots, parting your hair every inch or so and adding more down each part.  Using either your fingers to the brush, work the powder into your roots.  Allow the powder to sit there for a few minutes to absorb the oil, then brush through.


The cocoa powder helps to combat the tell-tale white powdered look that most dry shampoos give.  If you’re a red-head, add some cinnamon and if you’re a blond just don’t add as much cocoa powder – but a little bit will probably still be a good idea.

Who’d have thunk that a fine haired diva like me could go 5 days without needing to wash my hair?  And I can usually wear it down for 3 or 4 days without issue!  Go dry shampoo!



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