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Seabuckthorn Citrus Blend Shampoo Review

The wonderful people at Seabuckthorn have graciously provided me with a full size bottle of one of their brand new shampoo formulations.  Thank you so much again! You are wonderful.  What’s even better is that they have also generously provided another full bottle for one of you to win!  Keep reading to find out how to win a bottle of this loveliness and find out what I thought of the product.

Photo from sbt website

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Seabuckthorn Samples Review

A few months ago Nicole from EcoChicBeautyDiva hosted a giveaway for Seabuckthorn and I was lucky enough to win a huge sample set from the Seabuckthorn company.  I gave my first impressions in a post when they first arrived.  Now that I have had some time to give the products a good trial I though I’d share my thoughts.  My boyfriend has been helpful in giving some of these products a try too, so I have both of our experiences to share.

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Seabuckthorn Sample Pack First Impressions

Thanks again to the wonderful EcoChicBeautyDiva for hosting a Seabuckthorn giveaway! I was so excited when I won and then even more excited when the package arrived!  Holy smokes there are a lot of samples and they are all a great size!  I couldn’t wait to get something up on the blog, so I thought I’d share my first impressions with you and then after I’ve given each product a decent amount of time to try I’ll let you know a bit more about them.

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Chagrin Valley Warming Muscle Salve and Healing Herbs Lip Balm Review

On my latest order to Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve I tacked on a few extras just to make the shipping most efficient.  Any one else out there do that?  Try to get to the maximum amount for your level of shipping?

I am completely hooked on the Badger aromatherapy balms, so when I was browsing their websites and saw salves I wanted to give one of them a try.  The warming balm just seemed like a no brainer for me and my boyfriend.  It worked just as well as I was hoping it would, but without the all to familiar scent of other sore muscle treatments.  Win-win!

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Lavera Body Scrub

I was just about to run out of my body scrub from 100% Pure so when I was making an online purchase of other lavera products I tacked on a body scrub of theirs.  I am really liking sea buckthorn as a moisturizing ingredient right now and was sold when I saw Lavera’s Organic Orange & Sea Buckthorn Body Scrub.  

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Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion Review

Although I am still in love with my 100% Pure body creams I find that they are too strongly scented for me to wear to work.  Their most subtle scents are the Honey and Almond (not vegan, obviously), and their White Peach (which is my favourite, hands down).  As much as I love them, I really don’t like to have to order them and pay for shipping all the way across the continent, so I thought I’d keep looking locally and see what I could come up with.

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A Shampoo Bar Epiphany

I have a new and updated version of this post with even more discoveries, how-to’s, troubleshooting ideas and the most common questions that I have been asked.  Check it out here!


The journey into having my hair accept a shampoo bar has been a bit of a rocky one.  My first obstacle was finding a sulphate free shampoo bar in my city, and then searching else-where for one that wasn’t quite as stripping as the only one I had found.  Then I started searching for the right balance of ingredients for my hair: moisturizing without weighing it down.

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