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Wishlist Wednesdays – Fashion Edition

I like fashion and try to keep up with some trends, but when it comes to green, sustainable clothing you have to be prepared to invest. Mass production just isn’t the same with eco-friendly fabrics and companies, but you definitely don’t have to ¬†sacrifice style for sustainability. Here are a few companies I’d like to buy from and a few items from each that I have my eye on.¬† Continue reading Wishlist Wednesdays – Fashion Edition


The Shocking Truth About Cotton

The very last part of my eco-diva transformation was my wardrobe.  I’ve never been into the super trendy pieces, but rather focused on more simple designs that would last through the years.  Occasionally I splurged, of course, but for the most part I tried to be sustainable.  And I tried to stick to natural fabrics: cotton, bamboo, silk, wool, that kind of thing, thinking that the environmental impact would be less with fabrics like this than, say, rayon or polyester.

But after a little eye opening reading I was shocked to hear the truth about cotton.  Something that seemed so natural and safe is actually one of the worst fabrics out there that you can buy.  Here’s why:

Continue reading The Shocking Truth About Cotton