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Meatless Mondays – Gluten Free Vegan Tacos

I am a huge fan of tacos, so naturally I had to find an alternative to the ground beef taco.  Hard shell tacos are my favourite (and gluten free options are easily found) but this would work with the soft flour tortilla shells also.

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A Little Bit About Teflon

The chemical PFOA (perflourooctanoic acid) is a chemical found in Teflon and other non-stick pans is found in 95% of our bloodstreams and it binds to tissues indefinitely and is considered a likely human carcinogen.  Although health officials insist that chemical exposure through cookware is minimal at best, Health Canada does recognize that “non-stick coatings are a risk if they are heated to temperatures greater than 350 degrees Celsius or 650 degrees Fahrenheit.” Surely my pot or pan on the stove doesn’t get that hot, does it?  A study conducted in 2003 by the Environmental Working Group showed that a pan placed on a burner on the highest setting (like when you’re trying to boil water fast) heated up to about 720 degrees Fahrenheit in just five minutes.

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