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October 2014 Favourites

There’s just something about the autumn colours that stands out for me, and makes me want to be outside.  Plus, autumn is a great time for scarves!  Here’s what I’ve been liking a lot this month:

Makeup – My Strawberry Lips Red Apple Lipstick arrived just in time for fall.  It is a beautiful burnt ombre and berry shade that works so well with the season.  Plus, it is ultra hydrating which works well with the cooler temperature and drier air.  Repurchase? Probably, yes, when this tube eventually runs out!

Skin Care – Exfoliation is the name of the game as my skin adjusts to the drier air, so I have been reaching for Andalou Naturals Lemon Sugar Exfoliating Scrub (review) every three or four days or so.  You really can’t get much better in the ingredients department, and for the price this product really can’t be beat! <b>Repurchase?</b> Absolutely, I already have.

Hair Care – I have been learning a lot about hair care this month and last month as I am strugging to keep a new kind of hair dye in my hair.  A product that is supposed to last 6 – 8 weeks before it starts to fade has been rinsing out completely after three washes.  I have been mean to my hair, attempting a few times to get this dye to stick and by changing things up in my hair care routine – ah the vanity of having fashion colours in my hair!  Since I have been so mean to my hair lately, hair masks are a must!  I have been doing oil treatments of olive oil and or coconut oil as well as apple cider vinegar rinses in an attempt to rebalance the pH levels in my hair.  Hopefully after all these new steps the dye will finally take.  Fingers crossed, everyone!

<b>Body</b> – Nothing is saving my skin right now from drying out like Chagrin Valley’s Body and Massage candles (review).  They have a rich blend of butters and oils which seem to help maintain a decent balance of moisture in my skin which lasts almost the whole day. The only downside is that they have to be warmed before use, but I just plop the little tin on my candle warmer before jumping in the shower and it’s ready to go when I’m done.  Repurchase? I already have.


My Skin Care Routine – Updated

I haven’t done a post like this in a while, and when I look back at my other one things have changed a lot!  There’s only one product that I’ve found that I’ve liked enough to keep consistent over the past year and a bit, but otherwise things have changed up a lot!


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Chagrin Valley Avocado, Oats and Shea Body Soap Bar

Normally I’m a huge fan of everything Chagrin Valley and I really, really wanted to like this bar for all of the moisturizing ingredients contained within it. Sadly, this was not the case. Continue reading Chagrin Valley Avocado, Oats and Shea Body Soap Bar

Chagrin Valley Complexion Bar Review

With an upcoming trip to Europe I am looking for a waterless alternative to cleansing my face so that carry-on luggage is easy. It would be great to not have to count my cleanser in the precious space available for liquids! Naturally, my first stop for a cleansing complexion bar was Chagrin Valley and I ordered their Grapeseed and Tomato bar and their Fig and Plum bar. Continue reading Chagrin Valley Complexion Bar Review

Chagrin Valley Cocoa Whip Hair Moisturizer Review

If you’ve been following my blog you know I love myself some Chagrin Valley. This company makes amazing products, has great business ethics and the most excellent customer service you could imagine. The wide product range offers something for everyone and, in the case of a green beauty product junkie such as myself, so many things I want to try! Up for trial this time from this amazing natural beauty company is their Cocoa Whip Hair Moisturizer and, like so many of their products, I really, really like it.20140623-024526-9926253.jpg
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Chagrin Valley Chocolate Almond Soap Review

I am in heaven every time I shower with this delightful soap bar. This is truly what luxury soap looks, feels, and smells like. Seriously, it can’t get much better than this!

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Chagrin Valley Whipped Squalene Face and Eye Moisturizer Review

If you read my blog last month you’ll know what a big fan of Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve I am. They are a great company with great values and high performing products. There are so many products in their line that just work so well, and at this price point you really can’t beat ’em. Really, even at a higher price point I don’t think some of these products can be beat.

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