Natural and Organic Moisturizers

It took me years to find a moisturizer that actually quenched my ridiuclously thirsty skin.  Jergen’s was my go to brand for the majority of my life…but then I started down my eco-conscious journey and the paraben and petroleum rich cream lost it’s lustre.  So I began the quest for finding a natural moisturizer that lived up to the high expectations I had of this holy grail body cream.

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Parabens, Sulphates and Phthalates. Oh my!

Ah the power of media.  One little report comes out saying that a chemical, by product or synthetic dye ‘could’ be bad for you, even though the findings may be unsupported or inconclusive, and the response from the public is dramatic.  Then the suppliers have no choice but to figure out alternatives to these products to satisfy the new demand for products free of these ingredients regardless of whether their danger has been confirmed.

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Every diva starts somewhere

I have always been a bit of a girly girl.  My mother will be the first to tell you how I used to play in the sandbox in the backyard in white lace dresses and how, for the first vocal years of my Canadian childhood, I wholeheartedly refused to wear snow pants.  The snow dress that my amazing mother managed to track down was the envy of the playground…or at least I think it was.  On a recent three month backpacking trip to east Africa I lugged around seven pounds of hair products and moisturizers.  Like I said: girly girl.  I really became serious about environmental sustainability in university (say hello to those icky worms that live in the compost container on my apartment balcony) and have made a conscious effort as of late to become as informed as possible into which eco-friendly, natural or organic products not only work but actually live up to their claims of being good for the environment.

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