September 2014 Favourites

I cannot believe that it is the end of September already!  Fall is finally in full swing where I live – the pre-autumn snow has melted, and now we’re back into some warmer weather with beautiful red, yellow and purple fall leaves.  It is truly a beautiful season – too bad the colours don’t last very long.

Here’s what I have been using a lot of this September:


<b>Body:</b> Pacifica Body Butter in Blood Orange (review) – I am still looking for a good, economical green body moisturizer because I go through so much of the stuff.  My skin is just so dry, and it’ll only get worse as winter sets in.  I broke down and bought this delight again when my skin was especially bad and it has completely turned my skin around.  It’s just too bad that it is so expensive, otherwise this would absolutely be my go-to body lotion.

<b>Skin Care:</b> John Masters Organics Vitamin C Serum (review) – Like I said in my updated skin care post this serum does amazing things for my face.   Coming back to it after giving my skin a few months break has shown me how much of a difference this serum truly makes for my skin tone and glow.  I can’t see myself getting rid of this anytime soon.

Makeup: The All Natural Face Vegan Foundation and Concealer (review) – I stopped using this product as a foundation several months ago and I’m not really sure why.  This is now my go-to under-eye concealer because it covers up very well, is ultra hydrating and doesn’t settle into the fine line that I have, and has great staying power.  And for the price ($6.50) and the fact that it’s vegan, you can’t really go wrong!

Hair Care: Yarok’s Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner and Heat Protectant (review) – I seriously cannot get enough of this stuff.  I have recently put in some pink, purple, and green ombre highlights into my hair which means that I have had to adapt my hair care routine a little bit to try and preserve the beautiful fashion colours (I’ll post on my new hair care routine soon).  Because I am trying to keep the colour preserved, I am not washing the ends of my hair as often as before.  Surprisingly, this isn’t making the length greasy, it is actually making the ends of my hair feel dry.  Go figure.  So I have been using this leave in conditioning treatment every day to keep the length of my hair happy, and to protect the colour from the sun and other environmental factors that lead to fading.  The downside?  I don’t know if it is getting phased out, but all of my favourite green beauty stores are either not going to carry it anymore or are sold out and have been sold out for a long while.  Dang.  Maybe I can come up with an alternative…. Suggestions?



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