Curlformers – The best way to air dry your hair!

I don’t know about any of you guys, but foam/velcro/hot rollers just don’t work for me.  Either my hair doesn’t curl well and whatever curls doesn’t last long – I’m looking at you hot rollers – or it never, ever dries on the inside.

I had resigned myself to the fact that if I wanted to achieve gorgeous curls with my hair it would take lots of time, heat, and patience to curl my hair with an iron.  But then one day I was browsing on the most deadliest of all sites, pinterest, and found something called curlformers.  They are amazing!   Who doesn’t want to have perfect curls without damaging their hair in the slightest?IMG_4277

These colourful little beauties come in multiple sizes.  For me, I picked the barrel curls package supplemented with a few of the spiral curlers.  The colours are different depending on which way the curler curls; some curl away from your face, others towards your face.   The kit also comes with two crochet hooks to help pull your hair through the curler.


I also included a comb in the picture because this is absolutely necessary for my fine hair, especially if I am putting my hair in these curlers straight out of the shower.


Step 1 – take a deep breath, and take your time.  Rushing through putting these curlers in cause all kinds of tangles, pulling, tugging, and frustration.  For me, each section of hair has to be meticulously combed through first otherwise I have no chance of pulling my hair all the way through the curler.


Step 2 – pull up the majority of your hair so that you’re only dealing with a small section at a time.  Choose a curler and thread it on to the crochet hook.  Section off a small piece of hair, comb it through, and twist it at the roots.  Slide the hair into the crochet hook making sure that all of the strands are inside the hook – anything on top of the hook will make it impossible to pull through.



Step 3 – gently pull hair through the curler.  If you meet resistance, start again and make sure that your hair is combed through and that none of it is outside of the hook prior to pulling.  No point in going through the whole process of not damaging your hair with heat only to damage it by breaking the strands!


Step 4 – Once the hair and the hook are through the curler it will ‘sproing’ back into place, resuming its original shape.  Sometimes I have to help it back into this proper alignment, but that’s not a big deal.


Step 5 – Keep going, alternating colours and sizes as needed until all of your hair is in the curlers.  The whole process (now that I have it figured out) takes me about 20-30 minutes which is significantly less time than it takes me to get the same amount of consistent curl with a curling iron.  Sorry for the crummy picture.  I didn’t realize how bad it was until I had taken the curlers our of my hair…

It is possible and not too terribly uncomfortable to sleep in these overnight.  The fluffier the pillow the better.  Otherwise I can leave them in my hair for a few hours and then be done.  The curlformers website also has these inflatable hair dryer adapters to help your hair dry faster, but seeing as I am looking for heat free ways to style my hair, I’m going to avoid that route.

My picture of the final results also didn’t turn out, so as soon as I set my hair in these curlers again I promise to update with a picture!  Until then, please take my word that the curls these provide are amazing!  I find that a sea salt spray in my hair prior to styling, and a little hairspray afterwards makes them last all day.

What do you think?  Would you use something like this?






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