Earthpaste Toothpaste

Even prior to going green I have used a glycerin based toothpaste. I figured that a “natural” toothpaste would be better, but depending on what you read about glycerin, it may not be that much healthier for your teeth. That’s where Earthpaste comes in.
The ingredients list is simple: Red Clay, Essential Oils, Real Salt, and Xylitol. There’s no natural foaming agents, no fluoride, no whiteners, just those four simple things. I’ll be the first to admit that brushing my teeth with ‘dirt’ didn’t sound all that appealing, especially when there really wasn’t anything else to help augment the taste and texture. We were running out of toothpaste when we picked this up, and my boyfriend was shocked that we didn’t get the other toothpaste too, “just in case”. Go big or go home, right?

Thankfully this toothpaste delivered while still maintaining a smooth texture and mild taste. Actually, the taste quickly becomes non-existent in my mouth as I’m brushing my teeth. Another thing that seems to become non-existent is the toothpaste itself. I’m used to it foaming a little and feeling like there’s actually something working it’s magic on my pearly-whites. Earthpaste almost seems to disappear in my mouth. The first time I used it I figured I just didn’t use enough and added some more, but now that I have been using Earthpaste for a little while I know what to expect and that the regular amount of toothpaste is plenty to obtain a squeaky clean mouth. And that clean feeling lasts longer than any other toothpaste I have ever tried in my entire life.

Yes, you read that right. Earthpaste leaves my mouth feeling absolutely clean for at least 12 hours even if I’m at work, drinking tea, eating breakfast, lunch or stuck behind a mask all day. I have also noticed that my morning breath, or at least the feeling in my mouth in the morning, if far less icky than it has been with my other natural toothpaste. I still don’t have breath that smells like roses, but it’s definitely an improvement.

My only qualm is that on the box it says both that Earthpaste is safe to swallow (first of all, ew) and that it may contain trace amounts of lead (um, but you said I could swallow this stuff). I don’t know about you, but something doesn’t jive there.

That isn’t enough for me to stop using it, however. We tried the peppermint flavour this time, but I think we have our eyes on the cinnamon for next time. Yes, I plan to repurchase.

Also, the toothbrush I have in the picture is about as eco-friendly as I could find. The handle is made from upcycled cardboard and paper. The brush part is easily removed and replacement heads can be purchased in both soft and medium firmness. The plastic on the head is recycleable, and the bristles are made from vegetable based nylon fibres and are compostable. The company argues that the handles are ergonomically designed, which seems a bit extravagant and unnecessary for a toothbrush, but I find them just bulky. It doesn’t fit in a conventional toothbrush holder unless you store it upside down, but I don’t use one of those anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

What kindo f toothpaste do you use? Have you ever tried earthpaste?


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