Chagrin Valley Complexion Bar Review

With an upcoming trip to Europe I am looking for a waterless alternative to cleansing my face so that carry-on luggage is easy. It would be great to not have to count my cleanser in the precious space available for liquids! Naturally, my first stop for a cleansing complexion bar was Chagrin Valley and I ordered their Grapeseed and Tomato bar and their Fig and Plum bar.
The Grapeseed and Tomato bar comes loaded with anti-aging, skin-loving ingredients which are mostly organic and 100% vegan. The bar is simple and unscented. It creates a very rich lather and took off all of my makeup and dirt from the day in just one wash. My toner didn’t have anything else to remove! The downside was that this is far too stripping for my sensitive and dry skin. Too bad, because this bar is packed with some powerhouse ingredients! It would be great for someone seeking balance for their oily/combination skin or for those diva’s who are sensitive to coconut because this one is coconut free!

Ingredients: Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil; Organic Sustainable Palm Oil; Organic Babassu Oil; Virgin Shea Butter; Water; Sunflower Oil; Olive Oil; Sodium Hydroxide*; Organic Canola Oil; Organic Tomato Juice; Castor Oil; White China Clay; Organic Tomato Paste; Essential Oils of Lavender, Geranium, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang

This bar is anything but drying. It also creates a rich lather but didn’t do as well when it came to removing makeup. I had to cleanse twice with this bar. The little flecks of fig in it made for a great gentle exfoliation, though. Chagrin Valley advertises this bar as a great option for those looking for balance. I definitely found that this bar delivered on that score, not drying out my skin, while clearing and tightening pores and reducing oily buildup throughout the day. The only other downside to this bar is the smell. It isn’t terrible, but it is definitely not awesome – not like other bars made by Chagrin valley. I’m kind of on the fence as to whether or not I’d repurchase this one when I run out of the sample. We’ll see.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil; Organic Coconut Oil; Organic Sustainable Palm Oil; Olive Oil; Sunflower Oil; Cocoa Butter; Water; Organic Prune Juice; Sodium Hydroxide*; Organic Canola Oil; Castor Oil; Organic Figs; Organic Dried Plums; Organic Agave; Organic Dark Brown Sugar; Orange Essential Oil; Rosemary Oil Extract

$2.70 for a large sample size (perfect travel size) or $8.25 for a full 7 oz bar at


4 thoughts on “Chagrin Valley Complexion Bar Review”

  1. So do I!… have you tried their facial cleansing sorbet? its a really good cleanser/scrub. Can’t wait to try their face oils as well.
    Take care

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