Aura Cacia Foam Bath in Grapefruit Review

I received this package in an Eco Emi box a few months ago but only found time to give it a try recently. I’m sad that I waited this long!
I don’t have a fancy tub or anything, but this little packet made me feel like I was in the lap of luxury! It dissolved quickly and easily leaving a really nice, frothy, foamy layer on the surface of the bath. The water felt silkier with these salts and minerals in it, and my skin felt and looked great post bath. The only downside is that the scent (from natural essential oils) wasn’t very strong and didn’t last long at all. I’m a big fan of aromatherapy, so I was disappointed and would have wanted more. That being said, I would still repurchase this in both this scent and the other scents available and just add some essential oils of my own either in the water or a diffuser to get the best of both worlds. All I can say is that I am happy a local store carries these, otherwise it might not be worth ordering them for the shipping cost. Too bad it only comes in individual packaging, though. I would appreciate it being available in a larger container to portion myself and save some trees!

$6 at local stores and at numerous online retailers


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