June 2014 Favourites

It finally feels like summer weather here in Canada, so naturally my favourites for this month are all about that lovely summer glow! Here’s what I was using a lot of this month:

Body: My pasty white winter skin needed some love. To get that nice, sun-kissed colour without the tell-tale oompa-loompa glow I use Lavera’s Sunless Tanner (review). The macadamia nut oil does a great job of masking the DHA (derived from sugar beets for this formulation) and leaves a strong but lovely tropical scent. The colour looks completely natural and is very buildable. What more could a diva ask for? Repurchase? I have multiple times.

Skin: Consonant’s “The Perfect Sunscreen” (review to come) has been an absolute winner for me. It’s not quite “perfect”, but it’s darn close! I can’t wait to write up a post for you guys on this little gem. The best face sunscreen I have tried in a long time. Repurchase? Probably, yes.

Makeup: Jane Iredale’s So Bronze 2 (review) is a lovely highlighter and matte bronder in one easy to use pallate. I like that it is a pressed powder and thus will travel well. Plus, it isn’t muddy despite being matte! Repurchase? If they still make it when I finish with this massive pallate, yes.

Hair: Oh Yarok, why did I leave thee? I don’t know why I strayed from this product to try other heat protectant/leave in sprays; it just works so well with my fine, long hair. I never feel like it’s weighed down or greasy, but Feed My Ends (review) does exactly that, taming any frizz and making every strand soft and shiny. Repurchase? Yes, absolultely!!


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