Ananda Soul Creations

I stumbled across Ananda Soul Creations through another blog and was immediately taken by their values, practices, and jewellery. The pieces are not only stunning but are ethically and sustainably created all the while helping the Bali community and empowering women.

The necklace that I purchased has been my favourite piece to wear since the day it arrived.


Ananda Soul Creations is a company based out of Bali that overwhelms you with love and luxury from the very moment you open their website right down to the last detail in their packaging and shipping labels. Words such as “listen to your soul” and “wear your blessings” are sprinkled across their websites alongside serene imagery. My necklace arrived wrapped in beautiful packaging and in a gorgeous hand made fabric case, all of which had affirmations and messages of love and self-acceptance on them. The extra special touches included in the packaging were perfectly wonderful and really made my feel like ‘part of the family’.

But Ananda’s amazing company doesn’t just draw the line at impeccable customer service! Their business ethics are summarized in the beautiful list of their “seven sacred promises”:


The necklace I chose is from their new collection, Prana, which was designed to fill the wearer with abundant energy of joy and love. The aquamarine stone is to help evoke a sense of calm and self acceptance. It is cleansing and inspires truth, trust and letting go. This, combined with the word on the necklace “embrace” is a wonderful daily reminder to myself to love myself for all of my “faults” and embrace the person my soul was destined to be.

There are so many other beautiful healing pieces in the Prana collection, as well as the rest of their collections. Every article of jewellery is beautiful and unique. Check out their website for more information on what this amazing company does for their community as well as all of their stunning creations.

Ananda Soul Creations has also recently launched a sustainable clothing line called Ambatu. Sustainable clothing always seems to have a “look” to it, if you know what I mean. These articles of clothing, however, are in another league and not only look comfortable and soft, but extremely elegant! I can’t wait to try something from the clothing collection, but I can’t make up my mind as to where to start!






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