Chagrin Valley Whipped Squalene Face and Eye Moisturizer Review

If you read my blog last month you’ll know what a big fan of Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve I am. They are a great company with great values and high performing products. There are so many products in their line that just work so well, and at this price point you really can’t beat ’em. Really, even at a higher price point I don’t think some of these products can be beat.

When it comes down to eye creams the beauty industry, green or otherwise, jacks up the price mainly because they can. Sure, they might super-charge their creams, salves, and balms to have more active ingredients and be more rich than their facial creams. But when they sell them in minuscule amounts for outrageous prices is the difference really worth it?

Chagrin Valley makes a squalene moisturizer that is vegan (not all squalene products are sourced from olives, so watch out if this is a deal breaker…the sharks and their livers will thank you) that is thick, rich, intensely moisturizing without clogging pores (even on other parts of my face) without charging an arm and a leg. You get 1oz for $19, which in the eye cream department is kind of a big deal.

Squalene has a similar structure to skin’s natural sebum, but it encouraged cell turnover and increases collagen production while forming a lipid barrier to help with moisture retention. What this means is that your skin will be renewed more often, have stronger structure underneath which lessens your change for new wrinkle formation, and helps your skin maintain its natural moisture barrier. Loaded with antioxidants, squalene helps even skin tone, protect against sun damage – although it is nothing like a good spf, so please remember your sunscreen.

I have been using this cream for well over three months now, and it continues to impress me. The formula is rich, and melts into my skin immediately. I love how it makes my skin look and feel under my eyes, although it didn’t do anything for dark circles, so then I decided to try it out on the dry areas of my skin to see if this cream would work in tandem with my facial oils, and I couldn’t be happier. The pair provides the perfect balance for my skin. I have already repurchased this product and expect to continue to do so for a while.

Ingredients: Shea Olein, Olive Squalene, Olive Butter, Jobjoba Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

EWG Rating: 0


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