The All Natural Face Lipstick in Outrageous Orchid and Sunrise Peach Review

I really couldn’t have picked two colours that were any more different than these two are.  Don’t be scared by the vibrant purple that is Outrageous Orchid!



Sunrise Peach is going to be my favourite lipstick for summer, I just know it.  The formula feels very hydrating and the colour has great staying power and is GORGEOUS!  It’s the perfect colour to match sunkissed skin (whether it be by self-tanner or not) and has just the right amount of sheen.

Outrageous Orchid is a very intense looking shade in the tube.  I always smile a little on the inside when I pull it out of my purse to apply it and it catches someone’s eye.  Oh the faces people make! You could easily layer the colour to achieve the same vibrancy as is presented in the tube, but one quick swipe gives me a very pretty, opalescent sheen with just a hint of soft lavender to change things up a bit.  I don’t reach for this colour often, but I do try and plan for a chance to wear it out.  It’s just so pretty.  If you like the idea of the colour, but are hesitant to try something with the potential to be this bold, The All Natural Face makes a lovely lip gloss in the same shade that is a little less intense.

Sheer Application
Sheer Application


Full Colour Application
Full Colour Application

One of my favourite features of all of the All Natural Face products is that they offer extensive sample kits so that you can try before you buy.  I would absolutely recommend it.  And I would absolutely recommend all of their products.  The ingredients are simple, clean, and every product is vegan.  Can’t really go wrong, right?


$8 per tube of lipstick, but if you want to try a sample of each of the colours in their line the sample pack is $5 from


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