Oliviate Micro Scrub Review – You have to try this!

A little while ago I was contacted by Emily about her new product, Oliviate, a micro-exfoliant made pretty much entirely of olives. Naturally I jumped at the chance to try this new product and oh. my. gosh. this product is amazing! I never knew that my face could feel moisturized after exfoliating!

Emily and her friend Rob sought to create a natural face scrub made from a short list of simple ingredients that was both effective and great to the environment. Plastic microbeads (the exfoliant in many traditional exfoliants) are terrible for the environment, but sugar scrubs can sometimes be too harsh especially for us diva’s with sensitive skin.

So? What did I think of it?

I figured a scrub is a scrub, right? This one had great ingredients, but how different could it really be? I was very wrong about this, and pleasantly so. The formula is light, whipped and mousse-like, the micro-exfoliant olive particles are so fine, it doesn’t tear or pull at my skin at all. Compared to the sugar scrub that I currently use, this product is absolutely divine! The olive oil in this product adds a significant amount of non-comedogenic moisture which means that my skin actually feels hydrated after I exfoliate. It’s definitely not enough moisture for my skin that I can go without applying another moisturizer, though. The lemongrass and olive scent is odd, but not unpleasant – kind of like an earthy wine smell.

I keep coming back to comparing this product to May Lindstrom’s “The Clean Dirt” but to be honest I like this one better. The formula is just so much easier to work with, applies the same, but removes so much easier and is much more gentle but more effective at the same time in terms of exfoliation. Plus, it is substantially more affordable.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Here’s the catch. This product isn’t available yet. Emily and Rob would like it to be widely available as soon as possible and have their Indiegogo campaign on the go in the hope to raise $25000 by June 20, 2014. Follow this link to their campaign webpage to help make their project a reality. If I could afford to back this project entirely I would do it in a heartbeat. That’s how excited I am about Oliviate! Please consider helping their campaign for the chance to experience one of the best exfoliants I have ever tried: natural, organic, drugstore or spa.

Emily and Rob I have my fingers crossed for you guys! I am going to ration out the deluxe sample you sent me and hope that I will be able to purchase more of this amazing product in the future!

Ingredients: Organic Olives, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

EWG Rating: 0


4 thoughts on “Oliviate Micro Scrub Review – You have to try this!”

  1. Any idea how to find this product now that fund raising is over? It sounds really interesting, but I’m a little late 😦

    1. Sadly no, I’ve tried emailing them a few times but I haven’t heard back yet. I’m almost out of my sample, though, so I’ll keep pursuing things and I’ll let you know! Thanks for your comment!

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