May 2014 Favourites

This month has been a bit of a gong show. Sorry for the lack of posts. I’m working on a bunch set to come out next month so hopefully things will return back to normal. Thanks for all of your continued support! Here are my favourites for this month:

Body: This month has been littered with injuries so between my foot, back, neck and shoulders I have been constantly applying Chagrin Valley’s Warming Muscle Balm (review). It has truly been a life saver this month as work and life haven’t allowed for me to properly take care of myself. Yes, I know, I know, I should have made it a priority. Now I’m paying for it, but hopefully June will allow for some recovery.

Skin Care: I have a confession: I wasn’t as diligent with my sunscreen this past winter as I should have been. In all fairness, I’m a weenie and I don’t like going out in the cold, so I didn’t really expose my skin to a whole lot of sun. Now that the weather is finally getting warmer I am being much better about my morning sunscreen. Consonant makes “the perfect sunscreen” – their words, not mine – but I’d have to agree. The mica in it balances out the white cast from the physical blockers. I still have to give it more time before I write a review, but after two weeks of every day use it’s getting a rave review.

Hair Care: I have been using shampoo bars for a while now, and now that the adjustment phase is finally over and I’ve sorted out the process that works best for my hair (I can even blow dry it now!) I have been dabbling with the bars that were initially too heavy for my hair. Babassu oil seemed to be the common denominator in the bars that didn’t work out so well for me initially. Now, almost 9 months later, this is no longer the case. Chagrin Valley’s Olive and Babassu shampoo bar (review) leaves my hair feeling very hydrated and silky soft without being weighed down. Significantly different than my first impression of the bar, but then I was still going through the prolonged transition phase.

Makeup: Tight liner is in, and so the best thing I’ve found to achieve this trend is the All Natural Face Gel Liner that I received in my eco-emi box a few months back. I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day and it still works like a dream. The applicator brush is perfect for giving me that tight, clean line on my waterline for the perfect wide-eyed look without the thick tell-tall I’m-wearing-makeup line. I think I might browse their website to see which other colours they come in…I’m in the market for a good purple liner.


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