May 2014 Eco Emi Unboxing and First Impressions


The last few Eco-Emi boxes have been great, but this one was the best! It’s vintage theme just made me so happy! Plus, it came with an adorable lace bag!

Chill Pill Essential OIl by Aura Cacia – $10.99/ 0.5oz – I’ve been getting into essential oils this year – researching and understanding their healing properties – and I was thrilled to find a full size essential oil blend in this box. This blend of sweet orange, lavender, patchouli, peppermint, sweet basil and roman chamomile essential oils makes for a very relaxing scent. Perfect for a nice hot bath, on the oil warmer before setting in for bed, or in the car while sitting in rush hour traffic. This full size product will last me a long time, but I can definitely see myself repurchasing it when it runs out.

Wild Watermelon Sugar-Free Gun by Glee Gum – $1.09/1 pack of 16 pieces- The retro packaging of this gum absolutely fit with the vintage theme. It’s very 1950’s. It is made with xylitol as a sweetener, chicle as the gum base (which helps protect the rainforests, apparently…must look into this) and uses natural fruit and vegetable pigments to give the gum it’s fun, coral-watermelon colour. The gum is also non-GMO certified! The only downside I’ve found so far is that it loses it’s flavour very quickly, but then most fruit flavoured gums do, so I don’t feel like I can fault it for that.

Southwestern Chili Party Dip by Ellbee’s $5/2oz – I like to try out spice mixes especially for dips. This looks like it can make a cheese ball or a softer veggie and chip dip. I’ll definitely be trying this out at our next BBQ!

Cinnamon Nail Polish by Suncoat $8.99/1 bottle – Get this – this nailpolish is waterbased. Yes, that’s right, waterbased. I’ll be doing a review of this one pretty quick here because I was so shocked how amazing it was when I put it on. The most amazing thing? It has absolutely no scent. No nasty nail polish scent, nothing whatsoever. Blows your mind, no?

Energize, Sweet Dreams, and Cycle Ease Tea by Anna Natural $11.99/26 bags – I’m always up to try some new tea. The expected benefits of each tea are pretty self-explanatory from their names. Next rainy spring evening I think I might break out one of these to try.

Strawberries and Cream Facial Mask by Body Brana $10.50/2 oz jar – I am very excited to try this mask. It has organic milk in it though, thus it’s not vegan, so I won’t be repurchasing it. But we all know that I do enjoy a good mask, and with the pink and white clay mixed with strawberries I have high expectations for this clarifying mask. The same provided is substantial, so I imagine that this will last for a lot of masks.

Berry Sugar Body Scrub by Beazers Garden $4.00/2 oz, or $18.00/11 oz – This scrub is listed as being edible, and although it smells that way, all of the essential oils included might make it a little unsafe to actually taste. Not that I’d want to eat a body scrub anyway, haha. It smells very fresh and the texture looks like pretty much every other sugar scrub out there. I’ll definitely make good use of this, buffing away the dry winter-induced patches off my legs.

That’s it! Like I said, it was a great box. I can’t wait for next month’s!


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