Seabuckthorn Night Cream Review

SBT Seabuckthrorn has provided another product for you guys to try and win!  Aren’t they amazing!? Up for review this time is their Night Cream.  Sadly for me, my skin didn’t seem to appreciate it.  My boyfriend’s on the other hand? It was exactly what his skin was looking for.

For me, the formula was just not moisturizing enough. My skin felt tight not even an hour after I applied the cream. Plus my sensitive skin reacted like crazy to it, breaking out in a massive rash that covered my entire face and part of my neck. It was a smidgen alarming as it was growing throughout the day, but a few days of make-up free skin and going back to my calming skin care regime had everything clear right up.
For my boyfriend, however, the story is completely different. His skin hasn’t found the right balance with any other moisturizer we tried. With the Tata Harper moisturizer he broke out like mad. The other moisturizers were either too moisturizing or not enough. Nothing was just right (haha, Goldilocks reference).
A while back I won a sample pack of some of Seabuckthorn’s product line and my boyfriend really liked the sample of the night cream, but there wasn’t quite enough to truly test his skin’s reaction to it. Now that his skin and this cream have had time to get acquainted I think we have found his holy grail of facial creams.
With the Seabuckthorn Night Cream his skin is balanced, the tone is more even, and I can visibly see when he has been diligent about applying the cream in the morning and at night because his face glows and he just looks so much more healthy. Even someone at his work noticed and commented! He says that it gives him pretty much 24 hour moisture, but that he can feel when it’s wearing off so it’s better for him to use it twice a day.
The formula is a little bit lighter than what you’d expect from a night cream, but it means that it applies so much easier and absorbs so much faster. It definitely isn’t thin, though – think the custard Boston cream in the centre of a donut. There is a bit of an odd scent, but it’s really just the seabuckthorn berries. They’re just kind of odd. But the smell isn’t offensive or anything, and it definitely isn’t overwhelming. Plus after a few minutes it’s absorbed into his skin and I pretty much have to get right up in his face to hope to catch a whiff of it.
Like I said, it works wonderfully with his skin and will definitely be a repurchase. He knows that his search for a face cream is over. Please don’t change your formula, Seabuckthorn!

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