Sheswai 3 Free Nail Polish in Stone Review

I have been eyeing this colour for months, so on my last Fresh Faced order (which was a long time ago, actually.  It took me forever to get this post out, I’m sorry) I needed a small purchase to bump me into the realm of free shipping so I went for it.  It’s pretty much been my go-to colour since it arrived, actually.  It’s a good thing it doesn’t need a lot of coats to achieve a good coverage otherwise I’d probably be out of the bottle by now.

I don’t think I know of a nail polish, 5 free, 3 free or not, that gives completely even, opaque colour in one coat.  Except this one.  I couldn’t believe it, and it has never changed no matter how far I make it into this bottle. That being said, without an extra coat of either this or a top coat the staying power is 2 days, maybe 3 tops.  But with a nice top coat you’re in business.  Also, I don’t find this polish as smelly as the other polishes I have.  And I use only 3 or 5 free polishes, so it’s probably not just that factor.  Any thoughts on why this is, please share!

I am very happy with the results I achieved with this brand and will definitely be looking to expand my nail polish collection with more colours from their range.

$16 per polish at