February 2014 Eco-Emi Unboxing and First Impressions

My Eco Emi subscription box arrived just in time to review this month.  I was a little worried that I would have to post this late, but thankfully it came in the mail yesterday.  Of the boxes I have received so far this box is one of the best.  Here are my first impressions and thoughts on the products in this month’s box:

Tea Light Candles by Goodlight Natural Candles, 6 pack/ $2.49 – I have been looking into “safer” candles for a little while and have been seriously considering making my own and found a great website that provides easy to use kits.  Until I venture into that realm, however, it is going to be nice to have these sustainable harvested non-GMO palm oil candles.  I wonder if the burning time will change between these and paraffin candles?

All Natural Hummus by Wild Garden, 1 pack (5 pieces)/$4.29 – I have seen multiple variations of the individual hummus serving packs in the grocery store, but haven’t tried them because I much prefer to buy a bigger container with less packaging and just put individual servings in reusable containers.  That being said, I am always up for trying a new type of hummus and this one sounds delish!

Organic Hairspray by Aubrey Organics 5oz/ $9.95 – This smells super herbally.  I’ll have to give it try as it will be the first natural hairspray I have tried since going green, but I also have heard great things about the Intelligent Nutrients hairspray… This product is certified organic, cruelty free and vegan.  

Vegan Lip Balm by Jersey Shore Sun 0.15oz/ $5.00 – I really like vegan lip balms espeically when the ingredient list is as pure as this product.  It definitely melts way better than the S.W. Basics balms do, but the smell of this one is a little much for me.  But then I’m not a huge fan of wintergreen so no surprise there.  I might check out other flavours, though.

Lavish Face Mask by Blissoma 2oz/ $38.99 – I couldn’t wait to try this product so my boyfriend and I did face masks right away after I got home.  The formula is super rich and hydrating, exactly what my parched winter skin needed.  The smell is pretty much non-existent and benign.  I think I prefer this one to the Eminence Organics hydrating mask that I have been faithful to for a while.  Thankfully the sample is a good size so I’ll get at least one more mask out of it to help me make up my mind.

Eyelash Conditioner by Lauren Brooke Cosmetics Full Size Tube/ $10.00 – I’m not really a lash conditioner/treatment kind of girl and I am lucky to be genetically blessed with long, curly, full lashes.  The scent is very floral with an almost acidic after scent, if that’s even possible.  I won’t let the product go to waste, so I’ll try it but I don’t see myself getting hooked.  Of course I’ll let you know if that changes.

Chocolate Vanilla Paste by Premier Organics 1 pouch/ $1.35 – Paste?  Seriously?  That’s the best they could come up with? Moving past that, I am super excited to try this vegan chocolate hazelnut spread.  I’ll be baking fresh bread tonight to give it a try on.  If this comes in larger sizes I can see my boyfriend and I makig this a regular purchase.

That’s it, that’s all!  If any of the products interest me enough to purchase more I’ll be sure to let you know.  For those of you thinking about a subscription box I would absolutely recommend Eco Emi.  The boxes have offered a nice variety of products and good sample sizes to truly get a feel for things before deciding to purchase the full size.  Also, the coupons included are great!


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