Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

20140115-010307.jpgLemongrass is one of my favourite smells. It’s so uplifting and energizing. The bath product’s I’m drawn to almost always have lemongrass in them. I didn’t really know much about the benefits of it as an essential oil, though. And sadly there wasn’t a lot of evidential research out there. But here’s what I found out:

Lemongrass grows pretty much like a weed in most tropical climates. It was all over the place in Costa Rica. It is reasonably easy to buy wild harvested lemongrass essential oil at any natural health store because of how abundant it is. But the same used to be said about lavender, which is now being harvested to the point where it might be endangering the plant species. Something to keep in mind.

The leaves are almost like stalks, and can be used in cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. As with most bitter tasting herbs and foods, there is scientific evidence supporting liver health and overall digestive balance with ingestion. I’m not recommending that you go drink a bottle of essential oil, though. Please talk to a practitioner before taking any amount of any essential oil. That’s where the extremely limited research stops for lemongrass.

Lemongrass’ roots in traditional medicine are extensive, boasting its ability to lower high blood pressure, lessen rheumatism and inflammation, and ease muscle pain. None of these claims have been studied to date. That doesn’t mean that this plant doesn’t have the ability to affect these ailments, though, just nothing’s been researched in a controlled fashion. The same goes for it’s anti-fungal properties specific to treating toenail fungus. A lot of websites recommend it as a natural treatment, but not much research has been done to prove it’s efficacy.
I wish that I could offer more information, but I’ll leave you with this: lemongrass is one of the top notes in the bug repellant that my boyfriend and I use during the summer months and I have to say that this bug repellant works surprisingly well. Also, I find the aromatherapeutic effects very helpful in waking me up in the morning or when I need a quick recharge throughout the day. Scientifically proven? No. But it works for me.

Does anyone else use lemongrass for aromatherapy? What are your experiences?


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