January Favourites

I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already!  Time for another favourites post!

Skin Care – The Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Oil (review) has offered the perfect balance for my skin in this dry weather.  Not only that it has done great things for the fine lines on my fore head.  It just has too many excellent, anti-oxidant rich ingredients to pass up! $15 at local natural beauty stores and online

Makeup – My go-to eye makeup duo for this month has been the All Natural Face Vegan Eyeliner in Caramel Brownie and Alima Pure’s Mascara in Brown (review).  After the holidays my eczema really flared up (all that unbalanced eating, I think combined with the stress of the season) and my eyelids were so dry, flaky, and painful that even the thought of putting eye shadow on them was laughable.  I switched up the eyeliners throughout the month, but I kept coming back to this one. With how well it applies and how long it lasts you’d never know that the formula was 100% vegan and natural.  $6 at theallnaturalface.com

Body – All of these years of washing my hands so much at work has finally caught up to me; specifically, it has caught up to my nails.  They are brittle, peeling, and so very dry.  I’ve tried so many different strategies and nothing has worked.  My nails are even breaking underneath Shellac or OPI gel polish now.  I was browsing my local natural beauty store and found this little gem by Spa Ritual and the Protein Boost Strengthening Nail Treatment has absolutely turned things around for me.  Sure, it’s a bit inconvenient to have to apply it every three days, but that gives this diva the excuse to change up my nail polish often!  Strong nails and frequent home-manicures: win-win! $12 at local natural beauty and spa ritual stores.

Hair Care – The John Masters Organics Detangler (review) has been a part of my regular hair care regime for months now, but I’ve only used it as a detangler in the shower, not as a leave in conditioner.  Once I switched to using it as a leave in conditioner my dry hair was now lustrous and manageable like it was before old man winter arrived.  Even my fine hair can tolerate this product as a leave-in conditioner without getting too weighed down.  I have long hair, so the general weight of my hair pulls it down a lot, so this doesn’t really add to that.  But, if my hair was shorter I feel like I’d have to be more careful.  For now, though, this product is making me and my hair very happy. $22 at local natural beauty stores and online at johnmastersorganics.ca


3 thoughts on “January Favourites”

  1. Great post! The Rose face oil sounds lovely! I’m also really interested in trying some products from the All Natural Face. Have you tried anything else besides the eyeliner? I’m thinking about trying a cream blush and the eye primer.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Kasey! I just tried the All Natural Face foundation sample pack(holy smokes they send a ton of shades to pick from), the lipstick sample pack and the lipgloss sample pack. I’ve ordered some full sizes to try, including a cream blush so I’ll post reviews when I’ve given them a go. Let me know what you think of the products you try, please?

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