January 2014 Eco-Emi Unboxing and First Impressions

This month’s box was Valentine’s Day themed and even though I’m not a big fan of the created holiday, I do love me some pink products! Oh ya, and you can’t really go wrong with chocolate.


Foam Bath by Aura Cacia $3.29/2.5oz or $12.48/14oz jar: I am very excited for this foam bath. This company is pretty ‘mainstream’ when it comes to natural brands and is available in my city, so it makes it that much better to know that if I like it I will be able to purchase it locally.

Dark Chocolate Squares by Sweet Riot 90 Square Cubes $29.99: First off, can we talk about what a cube is? These are chocolate squares, not cubes. But whatever, like I said before you can’t go wrong with choclate, especially when it’s trying to change the world. Sweet Riot is a company that supports fair trade and sourcing exclusively in Latin America to help support the farming families and local artists by featuring their artwork on the packaging. Looking at the info card they provided the company is based in New York, but the chocolates are made in Italy. Some well travelled chocolate, no?

Lip Gloss by Maria Natie .27oz $18.00: Holy moly this colour is a bright fuchsia pink! The formula is great, though, not too sticky, high pigmented, great scent (smells like birthday cake) and to top it all off it’s vegan. I might browse their website to see what other colours are available, because for me this is not every day wear.

Evenly Radiant Brightening by Derma|e Cleanser $15.50/6oz, Night Creme $27.95/2oz, and Dark Circle Eye Cream $27.95/.5oz: I will have to double check the ingredients before trying these products, but I am excited for the eye cream. Now that my scarily pale and translucent winter skin has set in my dark circles are so prominent so anything that’ll help thicken that skin and brighten it is welcome. I like that the products are vegan, though. Which might lead me to try the cleanser too, even though I’m a big fan of the one I have now.

Chocolate Raspberry Candle by Natures Natural $0.70/0.5oz, or $2.65/4 candles: I have been procrastinating about looking into soy candles, and now that I’m pretty much through my normal dollar store candles I should start searching. I will definitely be looking into this company more based entirely on how fantastic this little candle smells! Oh my gosh, if there was any way that I could share the scent with all of you guys I absolutely would. It’s truly wonderful. I’m going to use my candle warmer to hopefully get more life from this candle but still, 4 – 6 hours for a tea light isn’t bad at all.

African Black Soap Acne & Razor Bump Kit $29.99 for Full Kit: I have been seeing African Black soap everywhere in my natural health magazines and have been wondering what all the fuss is about. Now I guess I’ll have the chance to see. The little soap chunk is itty bitty, so hopefully there will be enough to get a good feel for it. The balancing serum that came with it smells…….herbal. It’s not bad, it’s just not my favourite and I’m usually a fan of herbal scents.

Aquanatural Sponges $7.75/7 pieces: I’m sorry, but who else see’s a red flag for a company that commercially harvests “Natural Sea Sponges” (yes, they put in the quotation marks) from the Gulf of Mexico. On their website they say that they are following local laws of not cutting any sponge less than 5 inches, and that the sponge regenerates by the next day. Sound sketchy to anyone else? I don’t know how I feel about it, so I will definitely have to look into objective information about this before even considering going for another sponge.

Natural Flower Power $7.99: I am always on the look out for good products for travelling and this one looks like a winner for sure. It claims to be a highly potent cleaner, and as an aside, it smells amazing. I want to look more into their ingredients list, however, because they list coconut oil based surfactant, which could potentially be sodium lauryl or coco sulphate. (see my post on these ingredients for more info) It’s not that sulphates are bad, but they are very stripping and irritating. The blend of therapeutic grade essential oils must be what makes it antibacterial and antifungal, and because everything is natural it is biodegradeable, which makes it even more awesome for travelling when you have no choice but to wash whatever in the river. I could definitely see myself going for more of this, depending on how it works. I’ll give it a try around the house and let you know how it holds up.


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