Seabuckthorn Samples Review

A few months ago Nicole from EcoChicBeautyDiva hosted a giveaway for Seabuckthorn and I was lucky enough to win a huge sample set from the Seabuckthorn company.  I gave my first impressions in a post when they first arrived.  Now that I have had some time to give the products a good trial I though I’d share my thoughts.  My boyfriend has been helpful in giving some of these products a try too, so I have both of our experiences to share.

Soaps – Of the soap bars I have tried the berry bar, the juice bar, the shampoo bar and the tea scrub bar.  The berry bar and juice bar were pretty much the same and left my skin feeling quite hydrated after the shower.  They don’t really lather much, but that doesn’t bother me.  The scent is very mild in both and neither seemed to irritate my skin at all.  I haven’t decided if I would repurchase or not mainly because of the subtle scent.  I kind of like a little aromatherapy in the shower.  The tea bar was a very, very gentle exfoliating bar.  Not exfoliating enough for me to repurchase, but I liked the scent a lot.  The shampoo bar I had previously tried (review) and it was nice to have another try at it now that I am more experienced with shampoo bars.  It’s an extremely clarifying shampoo bar, so I don’t see myself using it often, but once or twice a month.  All of these bars are available in my local health foods stores which is great!

Lotions and Creams – I didn’t find much of a difference between the hand cream, berry cream and day cream.  All worked well as a temporary moisturzier for my hands and are great for work because of their subtle scent.  I have yet to find these creams in my local health stores, though, otherwise I’d probably purchase the hand cream.  My boyfriend was a huge fan of the night cream right from the start.  The scent isn’t that appealing to either of us, but it is exactly the right balance for his skin.  He’s just getting into the day cream now, but first impressions are still pretty good.  Sadly these also are not available at our local stores, so online it is!

Salves – Of all of the salves the stretch marks and scars salve and the eczema and dermatitis salve were my absolute favourites.  I had a little bit of surgery on my face at the beginning of November and have been applying the scar salve to the incision every day since.  I usually scar pretty badly with a dark pink mark that lasts for almost a year before the scar fades to a closer match to my skin tone.  But between the excellent skills of my surgeon and this salve my scar is already almost non-existent.  The only downside is that it kind of stained my skin green for the first little bit.  The eczema salve worked almost immediately for my eczema patches on my eyelids and my legs.  (yes, I know it’s weird to get eczema on your eyelids but what can ya do?)  My local natural beauty store carries both of these salves which is great news for me!  I also really liked the heel toe salve, but my local store doesn’t carry it so I think I’ll just use the eczema salve on my feet too because the only thing that’s really different between these salves is the essential oil blends.

Thanks again Nicole and Seabuckthorn!


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