Benecos Nail Polish in Deep Plum Review

This vamp-y dark purple is much more dark than it appears to be in the bottle which makes it great for a fall and winter colour.  It is very dark, but very rich and warm.  I can see myself using this colour a lot this winter.

Benecos polishes are 5 free and vegan which suits me well! The other colour I had tried from their brand was a very thin, water orange/red so I didn’t have high expectations for this product but I was proven wrong.  This colour is gorgeous and paints on much like the average nail colour.  Two coats gave me a completely streak free opaque colour.  The only real downside is that it doesn’t last very long on it’s own and will chip within two or three days.  Nothing a little top coat can’t fix!  All in all, a great colour with good coverage that I will be using frequently this fall and winter.

$11 at


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