Know Your Ingredients Body Oil Review

I really like the idea of Know Your Ingredients in keeping their ingredients list readable and simple.  Very simple.  The first product of their line I’ve tried is their Sweet Almond Softening Oil in Chamomile and Lavender.  First off, I’m not a huge fan of the scent of sweet almond oil, but their blend of chamomile and lavender mask it completely!  This product smells so relaxing and soothing.  Sadly that’s where the good news ended for me.  My skin is dry, so I thought a body oil would be the best bet for it.  This oil didn’t really seem to do much for me and after using it exclusively for a week my skin was getting very, very dry and dull.  By the middle of the second week my skin was dry, flaky and itchy.  I’m sure this is a great oil for someone who lives in a more humid climate or has a better moisture barrier balance than I do.  Needless to say, this product is not for me.  I gave it away to a friend and forgot to take a picture of the bottle before I did.  Sorry about that.  I hope that she has better luck than I did!

$20 at


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