November Favourites

Well, it’s winter here.  We have a ton of the lovely white snow and, to be honest, I couldn’t be happier.  Winter is so beautiful! It would be nice if it warmed up a little, though.  It’s well below freezing outside…

Here’s what I’ve been using a lot of in November.

Skin Care

Both myself and my boyfriend were in desperate need of a ‘skin reset’ this month.  Switching between all of these products has made my skin very angry, so I reached for what I always reach for in desperate cases like this: Bliss Spa That’s Incredi-peel (review).  Some of you may shy away from this product because of it’s phenoxyethanol, but for the incredible benefits I find the little ingredient down on the bottom of the list is easily forgotten about.  Otherwise this product’s list of ingredients is clean. 

$54 at Sephora


Now that my hands have more than just the excessive handwashing at work to contend with they are all dry and angry.  And the hang nails and cracked cuticles are setting in something fierce.  Weleda’s Skin Food (review) has been keeping the worst of it at bay.  Close behind it is the Zoe Organics Everything Balm (review) because of it’s ability to be a spot treatment and it has less of a scent, though I do like the Skin Food scent a lot!

Skin Food $20 at natural health stores, Everything Balm $13 at

Hair Care

My hair is needing a little more moisture with this brisk cold weather, so I’ve gone back to using some of the heavier shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley, such as Extra Honey and Beer bar (review), the Olive and Babassu bar (review), and the Summer Sunshine bar (review).  If  you haven’t tried shampoo bars, I would definitely recommend them.  Once you figure out the right technique to get a good lather on your hair you’ll never go back.  The texture of my hair has just improved so much that I couldn’t imagine going back to a stripping shampoo. 

$8 at


Now that my winter skin has kicked in it is essential that I wear blush otherwise my overwhelmingly pale skin will look quite ghastly.  I am currently waffling between Ilia’s Multistick in Tenderly (review) and Alima Pure’s mineral powder blush in Freija (review).  It all depends on what I’m doing with the rest of my makeup.  If I’m looking for more of a bronze, warm colour I reach for Alima Pure’s blush.  If I want something more feminine and pink, then it’s the Ilia multistick.  

Alima Pure Blush $22, and Ilia Multistick $36 at and

Which products are you reaching for right now?


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