John Masters Organics Lavender and Avocado Conditioner Review

I have a confession: I have been incredibly cruel to my hair.  In the past three years I have gone from the darkest of chestnut browns to a medium blonde and back again several times.  This last time I took my long hair from an almost black brown to a dark blonde.  Don’t even get me started on the number of shades my colourist managed to get my hair to change.  She’s amazing.  And she did her best to protect my hair….but it’s unhappy.  And rightfully so.

I have been re-vamping my hair care routine to accomodate this new hair texture and quality and it took a while, but I think I finally have the right balance between cleanliness and moisture.  The major player in this equation is John Masters Organics’ Lavender and Avocado Conditioner.  It was exactly what I needed in this time of hair drought.

Even though I have fine hair this conditioner didn’t weigh my hair down.  If my hair wasn’t quite as dry/damaged as it is, it would definitely be too much.  But for hair lacking in the moisture department this product is your holy grail.  It has just the right amount of protein to help repair and support the hair without coating it in that tell tale film.  Plus my hair is beyond soft after using this for just a few days.  I still don’t shampoo every day, but I condition with this product every day and use the detangler to help keep breakage to a minimum.  The best part? The lavender scent is divine and its aromatherapy is perfect for showering right before bed (which is what I do to allow my hair to air-dry).  John Masters has done it again!

$25-$30 at and at select natural beauty stores

4 thoughts on “John Masters Organics Lavender and Avocado Conditioner Review”

  1. Have you ever tried Organic color systems for hair color at an organic salon? I am wondering if anyone has tried this in comparison to traditional hair color like Loreal Ammonia free.
    I have heard it can be more matt and less vibrant in color than the traditional. The company and organic salons have said no that is not so, one told me that the reason it could be so is the Silicone hair products used after using the traditional products. Would love to have anyone else’s input on this. Thanks

      1. My salon uses Loreal Ammonia free hair color, But in reading about Organic color systems at

        They say on this site this ” We commend other color lines that have removed ammonia from their formulas as it is an extremely harsh chemical and no longer needs to be in hair color. Unfortunately, the vast majority have replaced it with ethanolamine which poses no health concerns as long as the amount used is reasonable. However, because they are only replacing the ammonia with ethanolamine and with no other alkaline base, they are using a very high percentage and consequently have not decreased the pH level that the hair is taken to, so the same amount of damage is occurring.”

        Also then I was told by an organic salon that the ‘traditional type ammonia Free hair color” they can have 5% ammonia in their product and not have to list it, and can say it is ammonia free.

        Traditional salons said with Organic hair color they did not get the same shine and more of a matt finish.

        The organic salon said that is because of after the hair is stripped, they are adding silicones and other harsher products that just cover the hair to make it look more shiny.

        I’d love to hear from anyone that has had Organic color systems used at an organic salon or any feed back on this.

        I have tried John Masters products and Love them. The Shine in really made my hair shinny too. And I have fine but thick hair and it did not weigh it down at all. Just put like a dime size through past shoulder length hair and work thru while wet.

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