Compare-a Mascara

Ah the never ending quest for that holy grail of natural mascaras… I’ve tried a few, and although none have exclusive ‘holy grail’ status, they all have something great about them.  Here’s what I think:

Kjaer Weis Mascara – At the highest price point I expected a lot from this mascara, but didn’t find it to be all that exciting.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely mascara, but I just think that some of the other one’s I’ve tried for less money worked out a little better.

Packaging: luxiourious silver coloured package that is simple and elegant.  Plus, you only have to buy the outer tube once and then can just purchase refills of the product and wand.  Nicely done, Kjaer Weis, nicely done.  Tiny amount of product, though.

Wand: rigid, rubber ridged, and skinny.  Great for getting into the corners and separating lashes.

Formula: seems exactly like a ‘normal’ mascara, just the right amount of water.  It’s buildable without getting clumpy.

Benefits: definitely more of a thickening formula than a lengthening one.  I already have reasonably long lashes with a natural curl, but I even found that this mascara was not giving me enough length.  Definitely filled them out, though.

Staying Power: lasts all day and all night with very minimal fall out.  Comes off easy with an oil based cleanser, though.

Price Point: $39

Kjaer Weis Black Mascara

Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara – Of all the mascaras I’ve tried this one gives the most natural look.  I’m glad that I opted for the brown colour for this one.

Packaging: The packaging looks a little cheap with it’s solid plasticy cover equivalent to a cover girl kind of price point.

Wand: flexible rubber wand with long rubber spikes.  A little bit more challenging to get in the inner corner, but definitely do-able.

Formula: a very smooth formula, but not too wet.  Easily buildable.

Benefits: mild thickening, but mostly lengthening.  Again, a very natural, feathery look.

Staying Power: lasts till about dinner time, then I’ve started to see some fall out.  When I use it on my lower lashes the fall out starts within a few hours.

Price Point: $23

Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara in Brown

ZuZu Luxe ‘The Mascara’ – Readily available and gives dramatic results.  Sounds like a winner to me.

Packaging: The cheapest looking packaging out of them all, hands down.  It even feels cheap.

Wand: rigid, spoolie brush that tapers at the end for ease of getting into the corners.

Formula: a little on the dry side, which means that you have to work quickly to avoid clumping.  Smells nice too!

Benefits: dramatic lengthening and definition.  I wouldn’t say this did much to add volume to my lashes, but that doesn’t matter.  This is usually the mascara I reach for when I’m going for the oomph factor.

Staying Power: starts to fall out after about 5 hours.  I rarely use this one as an everyday mascara, and save it for evening or events.

ZuZu Luxe Mascara in Onyx

100% Pure Black Tea Mascara – great for volume, and easily layered with other mascaras because of how wet the formula is.  The ingredients list is the cleanest of the bunch, and with it being pigmented with fruits and teas the smell is divine!

Packaging: back in the luxurious category with Kjaer Weis, this metallic tube embossed with leaves, vines and their logo makes for one beautiful product.

Wand: Hourglass spoolie brush.  Difficult to get into the corners, but again it’s do-able.

Formula: very, very wet.  If I layer too much of this one it will pull my lashes down somewhat.  But if I layer it with another mascara that’s a little bit more dry (ahem, ZuZu luxe) I’m all set!

Benefits: lots of length and tons of volume.

Staying Power: will start to fall out just a little in about 8 hours.  It helps to extend the life of the ZuZu luxe mascara also.

100% Pure Black Tea Mascara


5 thoughts on “Compare-a Mascara”

  1. Great comparison! I’ve really wanted to try Kjaer Weis but it is pricey and others like you have said it may not be worth it so I keep putting it off. I definitely need to try the ZuZu Luxe mascara! Alima Pure’s mascara gives great volume but it smudges so much that I have raccoon eyes every minute I wear it. Did you experience any of that? Maybe it’s just me.

    1. I’m sorry that the alima pure mascara leaves you with racoon eyes. I don’t seem to have that problem if i really let it dry before moving on to anything else. Which mascara is your go-to?

  2. I want to try the ZuZu luxe one! I almost bought the 100 percent pure one, but am not comfortable with their use of Japanese Honeysuckle. The Kjaer Weis one looks decent too, though it’s so expensive for a mascara! Have you tried the Honeybee gardens? I like that one a lot. Great idea for a post! Thanks for this!!

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