Purely You Minerals Build Your Own Quad

A company that makes great products, offers variety and offers eco-friendly packaging? Can’t get much better than that!  With Purely You Minerals you can purchase a magnetic quad and then build your own palette.  Or, if you already own a magnetic palette (or have made one. see my diy project) you can just order the refills.  The packaging is very sturdy but sleek looking and has a great, large mirror.  The difficult decision was deciding which four products to choose from! For this quad I chose three eye shadows and a blush, although I have been using the blush as a shadow as well because of how well it blends in with the other colours.

The colours I picked are: Bare, Linen, Satin Plum and the Purely Rose Blush.  I definitely wouldn’t call the blush ‘rose’.  It is more of an apricot colour, which makes it blend even better with the other fall colours I chose for this palette.  I find that it blends in really well with my fair skin, is highly pigmented and works well with Jane Iredale’s So Bronze 2 (review) bronzer.  As far as the shadows go, Bare is so bare it’s not really even there.  I don’t find that it adds any colour at all.  I might just use it as a highlighter or setting powder, but as an eye colour I found this one to be a little too light to offer much.  Satin Plum is a gorgeous shade of warm purple.  I really like it.  It gives me a very natural look, especially when I apply the Linen colour to the outside corner of my eye and blend it along the crease.  It’s a very sultry and sexy but ‘natural appearing’ combination that works really well with just a hint of mascara and a neutral lip.  Aside from the one eye shadow I am very happy with this company’s products and can’t wait to give a few more shades a try.

Eye Shadows $6-7 per shadow, Blush $6, Compact $5 at purelyyouminerals.com