Wishlist Wednesday – Multi-Sticks

The idea of multi-sticks are very appealing to me for every day use as well as for travel.  Limiting my makeup when I go travelling is always a bit of a challenge.  To have a product that multi-tasks would be ideal!

Pictures taken from ecodivabeauty.ca and freshfaced.ca

W3LL People Universalist in Creamy Pink

I really like my Narcissist Concealer/Foundation from W3LL people so naturally I’d want to give their multi-stick a try.  There are 5 different shades available in Canada so I am opting to go with their most universal looking colour in creamy pink.  It looks more like a natural pink blush colour without being too pink.  Hopefully it will blend well on my lips, cheeks and eyes.

$35 at ecodivabeauty.ca and freshfaced.ca

Ilia Multi-Stick in Tenderly

This colour looks so soft and feminine I can’t wait to give it a try!  I really like the formula of Ilia’s lipsticks, so I am expecting great things from this product.  I am sure I won’t be disappointed!

$36 at ecodivabeauty.ca and freshfaced.ca

Vapour Organics Multi-Stick in Courtesan

This pigmented rose should be a perfect multi-functional colour that will be both feminine but buildable to become dramatic.  My vapour organics lipstick might be my favourite of all the natural and organic lipsticks that I’ve tried so I may be leaning towards giving this product a try first.  But it depends on availability.  This product in particular is so popular that it sells out quite quickly.

$32 at freshfaced.ca


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