RGB Nail Polish Remover Pads

Yes, I know that nail polish and nail polish removers are full of chemicals, even if they are of the “green” variety.  Frankly, these products are just slightly more green by eliminating the most harmful chemicals.  I am no stranger to gel polish, so the transition to this kind of remover was not a big shift for me.  For those of you who are used to using standard nail polish and drug store or salon nail polish removers be prepared for a bit of an adjustment when switching to something like this.  That being said, these worked way better than I expected.

Ingredients: Dimethyl Glutarate, Dimethyl Adipate, Methyl Oleate/Palmitate/Linoleate/Stearate, Tideceth-8, Water.

EWG Rating: 0.5

On my nails I had a 3 free nail polish and a drug store top coat (yes, I know, all kinds of nasty chemicals, but I hope that the other layers of polish will help act as a barrier).  I followed the instructions on the packet to generously coat each nail by rubbing the little swab on each nail, allowed it to sit for one minute and the use the same swab to remove the polish.  After the minute was up I went back to touch my nails and they were very, very, very sticky.  I used the swab just like I would have for a cloth or cotton swab with regular nail polish remover and found that it worked just as well if not better than the regular variety!  It removed every bit of colour from my nails without any abnormal elbow grease and left my nails feeling hydrated.  Hydrated!  Can you believe that?  I washed the excess off my nails with a little soap and water and was ready to go for my next home manicure.  I’m a little sad that these are only available in the single use packets, but I can definitely see myself using these when my bottle of regular nail polish remover runs out (which is going to be very soon.  yay!).

$29 for a box of 20 swabs at ecodivabeauty.ca


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