Eco Emi October 2013 Box First Impressions

My second subscription box from Eco Emi was packed full of some very exciting stuff!  Lots of things I can’t wait to try!  Here are my first impressions of what was in the Eco Emi box for October:

Dark Chocolate Mint Cups by Sun Cups -24 for $20 – As exciting as it was that this snack is gluten and nut free it is not dairy free nor is it vegan so it’s a no go for my boyfriend and I.  I’m sure one of my sisters will enjoy it, though!

Fuchs Soft Pocket Travel Toothbrush by Lotus – $3.95 – Pronouced “Fewks” (which incidently means ‘fox’ in German) this fully recyclable travel toothbrush will be a great addition to my work bag.  As far as being eco goes, having it be fully recyclable is a plus, but not all of their toothbrushes are this way.  I probably won’t be purchasing this again when it wears out.

Spicy Chili Seasoning Mix by Simply Organic – $4.29 – Chili is definitely one of my favourite comfort foods and it’s so easy to adapt to being vegan.  I’m very excited to try this spice blend, and even more excited that it is available at my local grocery store along with other blends such as a taco mix!

Pumpkin Jack O’Lantern by Botanical Interests – $1.89 – Grow my own pumpkin to carve next year?!?! Yes please!  This packet has enough to grow at least 8 pumpkins, but if all the seeds take could grow a whole lot more.  Plus, there was a coupon for this company included in the box.  I might browse to start planning my garden for next year…

Organic Shaving Cream by Grass Roots Essentials – 2oz for $5.00 – I usually just shave with soap and water (I know, I know) so I’ll probably leave this for my boyfriend to try out.  But we’ll see.  I’m not a super huge fan of the smell….

Natural and Organic Dry Shampoo by Eco Friendly Living – I used to use my dry shampoo religiously before going green and have been searching for a non-baking soda alternative ever since.  The strong spearmint smell might turn me off from using it, but it seems to work well from a first impressions stand point.  Maybe there are other scents available on their etsy website….

Vegan Caramel Brownie Gel Eyeliner by All Natural Face – $5.75 – I have been wanting to try products from this brand for a while, so it was great that not only one but two products of theirs was included in this month’s box.  The eye liner is a great gel liner, with a good consistency that allows for easy application and good payoff of colour.  And to top things off, it’s vegan!  This is just the jumping point I needed to get into this brand.

Vegan Mineral Warm Honey Eye Shadow by All Natural Face – 5 gram $3.50 – This sample is huge for a loose powder shadow sample!  The colour is a warm, milk chocolate brown with a nice golden shimmer.  The payoff is excellent and blends well with my other shadows.  I can definitely see myself using this one for natural eye look.  

Honey Bee Lip Balm by Potion Witch Apothecary – $4.30 – Another etsy company with great pure products.  Even though I’m not a big honey fan I am really liking the scent of this balm.  The packaging is really nice and the formula feels great and hydrating it just takes a while to melt it on to my finger to be able to apply any of it to my lips.  

And that’s it, that’s all!  Until next month. 🙂