Dr. Sponge Review

A natural plant based sponge that can remove your makeup and cleanse your skin without the aid of a cleanser? No way!

The sponge comes our of it’s box looking like the first picture. It’s small and hard as a brick.  But after soaking it in water for about 5 minutes it puffed way up to looking like the second picture and was soft, with a very gentle exfoliating feel.  The product claims to remove makeup, clean pores and skin, while leaving it soft and hydrated.  Pretty big claims if you ask me.  But, naturally, I wanted to put it to the test.

I used this sponge after applying a full face of makeup.  We’re talking dramatic smokey eyes, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, foundation, powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter…the works!  I was shocked beyond words when this little plant based sponge infused with lycopene removed it all.  In one wash.  Washing all of my makeup out of the sponge took more effort than it took to remove everything from my skin but even that was pretty easy.  I have been switching between the lycopene Dr. Sponge and the green tea Dr. Sponge for the past two weeks and my skin has no complaints at all.  Not even a weensy little breakout.  I was originally looking at this product to use for travel because I really like the Pai Organics cleanser but now I don’t know what to do! Decisions decisions.  There are just too many great products out there!

$9 at ecodivabeauty.ca or drsponge.com


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