Benecos Beautiful Eyes 001 Eyeshadow Quad Review

I love to play around with eye shadows and I was happy to receive this full size quad in my True Beauty Box this month.  Pressed natural mineral shadows are something of a rarity, I’ve noticed.  These colours are great for any colour of eye to give a natural look.  There’s a reason why most wedding makeup artists reach for this range of colours.  Just sayin’.

I have swatched the colours on my hand for the photo.  As you can see they are all very light but they aren’t chalky.  I like that they are matte which, again, helps to give that natural look.  The colours blend very easily with each other and don’t yield a lot of fall out.  As for staying power, you need to use a primer or a base oil otherwise it’ll be pretty much gone by lunch time.  I tried using a little jobjoba oil on my lids prior to applying and it made a world of difference.  I still needed to touch things up after dinner, but that’s much better than having it all fall down on my cheeks by lunch!  I can see myself using this palette often for an everyday look but for evening I would definitely want to punch up the colour a little bit more than these shadows allow.

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2 thoughts on “Benecos Beautiful Eyes 001 Eyeshadow Quad Review”

  1. I agree, pressed mineral eyeshadow is a rarity but I prefer it because powder eyeshadow is always too messy for me! I will have to try jojoba oil for eye primer. I’ve been having a hard time finding a clean alternative for making my eyeshadow last!

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