Wishlist Wednesdays – Body Oils

I have noticed my skin changing as it always does when fall is in the air.  I battle with dry skin through most of the year, but as soon as the cool weather settles in it becomes an all out war.   I used to reach for Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil for right after the shower to help lock in moisture, but now that I’ve “gone green” I want to find a cleaner alternative.  This week, I have my eyes on body oils.  All pictures taken from the respective company’s websites.

Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil

I have marvelled at the changes rose hip oil has done for my face, so I am most curious as to what rose body oil will do for my body.  The upside of this product is that it is readily available at my local health foods and natural beauty store.  I have enjoyed other Weleda products (their ‘skin food’ is a regular purchase of mine) so I can hardly wait to give this one a try.

$26 for 3 floz at healthfoods stores and at usa.weleda.com

Know Your Ingredients Sweet Almond Softening Oil

I have wanted to try products from this company for a while.  They are a great company and their product line, although limited, has integrity in their ingredients and a nice simple list.  For example this product only has Sweet Almond Oil and then whichever naturally scented essential oil blend you choose.  Can’t get much cleaner than that!  Also, you can’t beat the price:

$20 for 8floz at know-your-ingredients.com

Pure and Simple Organic Veta Body Oil

This body oil is described as being beneficial to those of us with dry, flakey skin.  It sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.  The ingredients list is clean and rich and to make everything that much more exciting, Pure and Simple is a Canadian company!

$25 for 150mL at pureandsimple.ca


2 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesdays – Body Oils”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Weleda products – and frequently buy Skin Food as well. If you don’t mind, I would love to hear how their body oil worked out for you.


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