Natural Face Masks – Summary

Over the past two months or so I have been giving a variety of skin care masks a try.  I was always a big advocate for masks before I “went green” but now the idea of letting my skin soak in the chemically laden spa or drugstore brands makes my skin crawl.  I began the search to try and narrow down a few masks that would make it into my weekly routine.  As always, there were successes and epic fails.  It’s a long list, but here are my thoughts on the masks I’ve tried.

Exfoliating Masks

Dr. Alkaitis Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (review) – This mask is definitely a winner in my books and I have already integrated it into my regular skin care regime.  I can hardly wait for every second week when I can do another treatment!  The results are noticeable to both me and others around me.  My skin texture and complexion has improved and I always have a dewy glow for the next few days following this mask.  I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one when it runs out, but because you need so little of it the jar is lasting a long time.

Andalou Naturals Lemon Scrub (review) – As a once a week, regular exfoliant I couldn’t be happier with this product.  It feels great, and is just the right amount of scrub to remove all the old skin that builds up over the week.  For the price? Can’t go wrong.  This one has also made it’s way into my regular skin care routine.  I will repurchase, for sure.

Annemarie Gianne Ayurvedic Scrub (review) – Although this product smells divine with it’s ayurvedic style spice blend I found that it was very difficult to use and felt like I was just spreading finely ground spices all over my face.  The only exfoliating benefits I felt while using this product was when I had to remove it with a coarse face cloth in order to get the spice paste off my skin.  Needless to say I will not be repurchasing.

Specific Treatment Masks

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Brightening Mask (review) – Definitely one that I’ll be using regularly and will likely repurchase when I run out.  It smells delicious and really makes a difference in my skin’s glow.  I found it maybe more hydrating than brightening, and the orange stain that stays on my skin for a little while afterwards requires some recovery time, but for the ease of availability, the cleanliness of the ingredients, the price and the visible benefits it is absolutely worth it.

Eminence Organics Sour Cherry Mask (review) – This one, although it is also moisturizing, is geared towards shrinking large pores.  It is the best smelling mask I have tried, hands down.  It’s absolutely clean ingredients list just can’t be beat and the results speak for themselves.  I will be repurchasing this mask, for sure.

Eminence Organics Tomato Lycopene Mask (review) – I am genetically blessed with dark circles that rear their ugly head on a regular basis.  I thought to try this mask to help beat them back with a proverbial stick.  Sadly this mask didn’t really do much for me.  It didn’t change anything about my dark circles, lighten any dark spots or purify my skin as it claimed to be able to do.  I will not be repurchasing.

Juice Beauty Organic Facial Rejuvenating Mask (review) – This is the most effective brightening mask I have tried.  The smell is nothing to write home about, which is surprising due to the number of organic fruit juices in the formula, but the results are worth it!  I will be repurchasing this product and incorporating it into my masking treatments.

Moisturizing Masks

Annmarie Gianni Coconut Honey Mask (review) – Oh my gosh, this mask smells like tropical vacation in a pot!  And not pina colada, but just pure deliciousness!  It was a little heavy on the hydration for summer, but I can definitely see me using this one often over the long Canadian winter.  The only thing that would prevent me from repurchasing would be the high flat rate international shipping fee.  If a store carried it in my city it’d be a no-brainer.

Green People Vitamin Anti-Aging Mask (review) – I was initially very underwhelmed by this mask but my opinion drastically changed after using this one for almost 2 months. It’s very hydrating, smells benign and kept my dry skin at bay, it’s initial impression is just kind of….blah.  When I gave it some time I discovered that it’s a great mask if you give your skin the chance to adjust.  The amount of glow this gives my skin is impressive. I will be repurchasing.

Eminence Organics Hibiscus and Calendula Mask (review) – Holy moly this was a hydrating mask.  There will not be a dry patch of skin anywhere on my face this upcoming winter.  Even after just the first use my skin was ultra hydrated, plump and glowing.  The “natural botox” of the hibiscus flowers (petals are actually visible in the product) can only do good things.  I will most definitely be repurchasing.

Lavera Balancing Mask (review) – This mask felt great, and did all kinds of wonderful things for my skin I just can’t get over the fact that it’s only available in single use packets.  The waste is just too much for me to consider keeping this one in a regular rotation.  I’ll be one of the first to purchase it if it comes out in a full size bottle, though.

Although my DIY mask was fun and beneficial, the convenience of so many preprepared products is just too tempting a thing to turn down.  I’ll keep the recipe close and bring it out when I have the right ingredients, but I don’t see it working its way into my regular rotation.



Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment (review) – I can’t get enough of this mask either.  Just like the Dr. Alkaitis mask I can’t wait until the week is up and I can detox my skin again with this product.  The warming (read: burning/tingling) sensation is strong but man, oh man, does it ever work it’s magic.  Acne beware.  You have no chance.  Overall since using this mask I found my skin to appear healthier too.  I will definitely be repurchasing when this jar runs out, but again because a little goes a long way I expect it to be around for a while.

100% Pure Purifying Seaweed Mask (review) – It’s hard to give an honest review after just one shot at a product, but I just couldn’t stomach the idea of spreading this on my skin again.  The smell is just too much.  I’m getting sick at the idea of the fish-food smelling chunky paste being anywhere near my skin.  I will definitely not be repurchasing.

Annmarie Gianni Purifying Mud Mask (review) – The ingredients list is super clean and simple, but after using this mask my skin actually appeared more uneven and splotchy.  Even after giving it a few weeks of use.  I found this mask to be super gentle, so it would probably be okay for someone with super sensitive skin.  It’s a great mask, but just not for me.  I will not be repurchasing.

Pangea Organics Matcha Tea with Acia and Goji Berry Mask (review) – Although I am not sold on this product my boyfriend most definitely is.  Yes, it does marvellous things for my skin, but I can’t get over the matcha tea smell.  Freshly mowed lawn just doesn’t agree with me, no offense to those matcha loving people out there.  I may not repurchase this one for myself, but for my boyfriend.  A good mask, just not for me.


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