Eco Emi September 2013 Unboxing and First Impressions

I was so excited when Eco Emi announced that they’d be shipping to Canada! I registered right away.  Eco Emi is a subscription box service that ships samples of eco-products right to your door every month.  There aren’t many available in Canada just yet, so the pickings are rather slim, but if you are wondering about whether or not to sign up for Eco Emi I would absolutely reccommend it.  This month’s box was very exciting and has all kinds of great products I couldn’t wait to try!

This box came loaded with tons of samples, and a few luxury samples (large sample size).  Here’s what I think of them so far:

Organic Peru La Florida Coffee by Cool Bean Perks (8oz $8.50) – I am not a coffee drinker, myself, but my boyfriend is.  I can, however, speak to the amazing aroma this coffee gives.  It smells divine.  If we didn’t already have so many varieties of coffee at home I might have purchased this product.  We’ll see when we start to run out of some other brand if this one is memorable enough to purchase again.

Mint and Acai Whitening Gum by Vita Care (1pack $1.99) – I am a huge fan of fruit flavoured gums and this one definitely does not disappoint.  I really like that it is naturally sweetened with Xylitol (bamboo) and doesn’t contain anything harsh in the ingredients list.  However, the taste fades very quickly and tastes ‘soap-like’ long before the recommended 15 minute chewing time is up.  I will not be purchasing this product.

Organic Sweet Orange Deodorant by Only Nat Cheryl (2oz $5.50) – I already have a natural deodorant that works really well for me, so I was really comparing this product to the one I use now.  The sweet orange scent is lovely, but definitely not prominent so it won’t clash with any other scents or scented products you might be wearing.  The formula melts very quickly with the warmth of my skin and was kind of falling apart out of the tube.  The info card supplied with this deodorant stick warns of this, though, and reccommends that one apply it with thier fingers (which is what I do with my other cream deodorant).  Once it is on my skin, it becomes very powdery and leaves a white cast even on my ultra-pale skin.  For someone requiring more in the way of moisture absorption antiperspirant qualities as well as deodorant properties this product might be the one for you.   I’ll throw it in my gym bag for now, but because I’m so biased towards that other deodorant I doubt that I’ll purchase this product in the full size.

All Purpose Healing Salve by The Natural Choice Apothecary (4oz $13.00) – Whenever I have a nasty scrape or spot of dermatitis I reach for the Polysporin, but I have been interested in the idea of a natural alternative without the chemically derived antibiotic ointment.  This product appears to be exactly what I’m looking for! With antibacterial tea tree oil and skin conditioning lavender oil and vitamin E as well as the multi-tasking comfrey this salve sounds like a great Polysporin alternative.  I can’t wait to give it a go!  I also want to check out the rest of their product line.

Ginger Peach Iced Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea (case of 6 $27.00) – Mightly Leaf is probably one of my favourite boxed multisource tea brands, but oddly enough I don’t think I’ve ever tried their iced teas! Ginger and peaches make up one of my all time favourite tea flavour combinations, so I just need the weather to perk up here so that I can justify having some iced tea!

Cleansing Towelettes by Desert Essence (24 towelettes $12.74) – More recently I have been looking for ways to streamline my personal care products for travel.  Shampoo bars have opened a whole new world of waterless products that don’t take up as much room, run the risk of leaking everywhere and they can be carried on!  I’ve been looking into those cleansing sponges but almost all of them recommend removing your makeup first.  How better to do that (without carrying more liquid) than with a towelette? The ingredients list is 100% natural and clean, smells great, and works like a charm to remove even the most dramatic eye makeup with ease.  For every day use I don’t see myself working these into my routine, but for travelling prior to using a cleansing sponge I will most definitely be purchasing this product.  

Organic Mayan Riviera Honey Moisturizing Exfoliant by Zola Jae (2oz $2.99) – Oh my goodness, but does this product smell sweet!  It is advertised as a facial exfoliant but the very thought of using this coarse sugar grain on my sensitive skin does not sound appealing at all.  I don’t know if my sample had just dried out or if it is meant to be as dry as it is, but I found it too dry to use on it’s own.  With a little jobjoa oil added to the mix I will be able to make great use of this product as a body exfoliant.  I don’t see myself repurchasing this product.

Ochre Juicy Orange Flavor Lip Gloss by Purely You Minerals (full size tube $7.00) – The burnt orange colour of this lip gloss is complimented by the slight gold flecked shimmer which makes the lip gloss right on trend for fall.  The delicious orange creamsicle scent? Forgeddaboutit.  I will be looking on their website for other colours and the rest of their product line.  I am very impressed.  Also, for a sample size they gave a very large amount of product!

Assorted Creme Foundation by Lauren Brooke (24g $27.00) – The  ingredients list of this makeup can’t be beat (although I am not a fan of the pore clogging silica that doesn’t let your skin breathe, but you can’t shy away from the benefits) and the scent is fresh and light.  The foundation itself is far from it, though, as it is probably the heaviest makeup I have used in years.  If you are looking for a full coverage foundation this might be the one for you.  It blends very well, and doesn’t look cakey even after wearing it for several hours.  I find that it’s staying power is comparable to other chemical-laden drug store brands, but doesn’t compare to the more luxury chemical-laden brands.  But if you’re giving up the chemicals you might have to expect to touch up during the day.  I probably won’t be repurchasing entirely based on the fact that at this point in my life I don’t require the amount of coverage offered by this product.  


5 thoughts on “Eco Emi September 2013 Unboxing and First Impressions”

  1. I didn’t see it in your write up but I have been trying to find a good Eco friendly box for awhile. Do you mind letting me know how much the subscription is every month?

    1. I don’t know how well these ones work on waterproof mascara, so be forewarned. Do you use waterproof mascara? If so, and you give them a try will you let me know how it goes?

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